Vintage Finds – Nov 7

Pickin’s are getting smaller and smaller, but I am hanging in there as long as I can.  I was so happy to find this old cloth tape measure for only $.50.  My problem is that I love the look of it just as it is, but I think I need to cut it up for altered art projects.

I came across this brown pitcher.  It has initials on the bottom, but I have no idea who the manufacture is or how old it is. The colors are perfect for fall though. 

This UnGame from the 1970s looks really interesting.  The concept is to make sure no one feels bad about their answers or losing, so there is not winner or loser from what I can see.  It is cards of questions.  Seems a little boring to me.

The other game I found is a PreSchool Game, The Animal Talk Game, from the 1970s.  I had never seen this game before, but the cards match the pictures on the board.  They would make great altered art pieces, and so would the box cover.  Too cute.

I was so pleased to find my final item, 11 children’s books.  Most are from the 1950s.  Love the pictures in the picture books.

The Brownie Scout Handbook is adorable.  The line art is cute and all the girls are wearing dresses.  Some of the things a Brownie is expected to do are:
1.  Learn how to introduce people, how to receive guests and how to serve refreshments.

2.  Learn how to press your hair ribbons and to iron an apron.

3.  Learn how to set the table correctly, how to wash dishes, how to make a bed.

4.  Learn a simple folk dance.

Oh the simplicity of the times of 1951 when this book was written.  Do kids even learn how to receive a guest, iron anything much less hair ribbons or aprons, wash dishes (besides putting them in a dishwasher) or dance?  I have to admit, my boy do not know how to iron.  I remember ironing my Dad’s hankies when I was young.  I do not iron very often any more, but I think I need to teach my boys.

Did you find anything that makes you realize you need to teach your child or grandchild a new task?

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9 thoughts on “Vintage Finds – Nov 7

  1. I thought it looked like you paid $50 for your tape measure ! lol.

    Good to see that games where nobody wins or looses are not just a modern phenomenon. I’m with you. How boring x

  2. Love the animal game – great that it spells out the animal sounds – I never knew how to spell what a donkey says!

    Great tape measure too – how can you bear to cut it up?! x

  3. Interesting selection of books and games – though I think that girl on the cover of ‘The Happy Surprise’ looks slightly sinister 😉

    Hope you find a reason to keep the tape measure intact.

  4. Hi Karen, I came across your site via the photo of the tape measurer. I really like how you share your travels, what a great project / journey.

    I would love to use the image you took of the tape measurer on our website slide show about shoe manufacturing.

    Would that be ok?


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