Would You Buy It Wednesday, Nov 9

Now that picking is slowing down while the weather gets colder, my goal is to get my treasures organized.  If any body has any suggestions as to how to keep track of and organize your thrifted finds, please leave me a comment.

So I started looking through some of the things I had purchased earlier this year.  I found these typewriters in a corner.  I had wanted to purchase one for my den at an auction sale.  However, by the time they came to these Smith Coronas, the day was getting long.  The auctioneer made 4 huge piles to be sold all to go.   Now I did not want all the other stuff, 8 boxes of stuff that were piled with these two, heck I didn’t even want two typewriters.  Would you have purchased them?  What if I told you that the pile went for $5?  Would you have bought them then?

3 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday, Nov 9

  1. Yes, I would have bought them there’s something special about old typewriters! It’s fun going through what you found earlier, like shopping all over again 🙂

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