Organizing My Treasures

I mentioned in a Would You Buy It Wednesday post in November that I was going to organize my purchases.  I am lucky enough to have an unfinished area in my basement that I can keep my treasures either before I can list them or use them.  However, the items were through all over. and I barely could walk in the room.  So for the last few weeks I have gone through and made sure I have everything in my inventory spreadsheet.  I try to track when, where and for how much I purchase an item.  Then I created a box number column.  I then put it in the box with the corresponding number.

I used Post It Label Roll tape for each box.  If you haven’t used this stuff it is awesome.

Photo from (Can be found at any office supply store.)

Yes, they are only cardboard boxes and tape, but now I have so much more room.  The boxes are stacked nicely.  I can go to my spreadsheet to find the box number and go directly to that box to find an item.  So far it has been working for me.  I will change it if it stops working for me.  My goal is to reduce the number of boxes here by 4 in the next month, so that means I need to list a lot more items.

How do you organize your vintage treasures when you aren’t using them or before you sell them?

Disclaimer:  I do not get any money for mentioning the above product.  I just use and love it.

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Thrifty Finds, Dec 19

Thrifting in this part of the country really slows down as the weather gets cold. No auctions or garage sales which is where I find most of my items.  I have hit a thrift store or two each week, but that is just not where I find my interesting pieces most of the time.  So today I am showing a few more items I found in boxes as I am organizing my holding area.

I thought this chicken waterer was so fun.  I grew up on a farm with chickens.  We had larger ones because we had quite a few chickens.  This one is made of a tin base and a coffee jar.  I have had this one listed in my Shop.

I love the look of old toasters.  I sold the one I had at my fall garage sale so when I found one in a box lot, I was happy.

I thought this meat tenderizer was so cool. It is old but never was used.  The red handle is so fun, and so are the graphics on the paper.

I really thought this chair is so cute.  It is a child’s chair.  I know turquoise is popular, but changing out the seat cover would make it so fun.  I have this at Traveling Trunk.

I loved the color of this sugar and creamer set.  Yesterday I just heard what color Pantone has selected as the color for 2012, Tangerine Tango

Hmmm, pretty close.  I knew that the color would be a peach/orange color.  Turquoise was the color of the year two years ago.  About 25 years ago the color was also turquoise and then a couple of years later it was peach.  (I know because my bridesmaid dresses were peach in 1990.) Trends are always repeating themselves.  This year my nieces bridesmaid dresses were Turquoise, so I had a feeling.  So yes, Tangerine is suppose to be the “in” color.  What do you think?  Do you like Tangerine?

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Pitcher Full of Memories

I found this item a couple of weeks ago.  It is a glass pitcher.  I am not sure of the manufacture.  However, one just like it was used by my Dad in his garage to store used oil in it from his oil changes of his lawn mower or other small farm equipment .  It was always there in his garage,as far back as I can remember.  I can almost see him carrying this pitcher with black oil in it. I was lucky enough to get his pitcher when he moved off the farm before he died 14 years ago. 

I then found one exactly like it in Boise, ID about 10 years ago at a thrift store. I had them both displayed for a while.  When we moved to ND, I put them away.  They are in a box in my basement.  Then I came across this one at a garage sale.  It was only $1.  I had to get it.  No, I don’t need three of them.  Yes, I could have dug one or both of them out from storage.  Yes, I have this one displayed in my glass cabinets in my kitchen. 

Memories sure are powerful movers.  I really do not need this pitcher, but I couldn’t just leave it. I know that if I ever come across another one, unless it is outrageously priced I will buy it.  I just can not, not buy it.  It reminds me too much of my Dad.

So do you have several items of something because it reminds you of someone or of some special memory? I would love to hear about it.

Vintage Finds – Nov 14

I have several fantastic items to show you this week.  This steel crate was something I got a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot to show you.  Not sure how I omitted this one; it is probably one of my most recent favorite finds.  It is sturdy and has a wonderful patina.  It isn’t a typical square milk crate but a rectangle shaped.  File folders fit in it perfectly.  I just got this one listed in my Shop, so I just had to show it to you.

This pretty Pyrex divided casserole dish with its holder is so cheery.  I believe it is called Constellation.

This is a Corning Mod Tea Kettle. Even though I am not typically into the mod look (I am more into the rustic, shabby, metal or wood look), I absolutely love the look of this one.  It is in excellent shape.

I am starting to learn a little about Princess House Crystal.  It’s another thing I am not typically drawn to, but this little candle holder is so heavy.  It just seems to sparkle.

This one was hard to take a photo of.  It is an old, glass light fixture. The pattern is so pretty.  I have been trying to decide if I could us it for a bowl or something else. If I can’t figure out an idea to use it for, I probably will sell it.  I will enjoy the elegance for a while though.

So did you find some great treasures this past week?  I would love to hear about them.

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Vintage Finds – Nov 7

Pickin’s are getting smaller and smaller, but I am hanging in there as long as I can.  I was so happy to find this old cloth tape measure for only $.50.  My problem is that I love the look of it just as it is, but I think I need to cut it up for altered art projects.

I came across this brown pitcher.  It has initials on the bottom, but I have no idea who the manufacture is or how old it is. The colors are perfect for fall though. 

This UnGame from the 1970s looks really interesting.  The concept is to make sure no one feels bad about their answers or losing, so there is not winner or loser from what I can see.  It is cards of questions.  Seems a little boring to me.

The other game I found is a PreSchool Game, The Animal Talk Game, from the 1970s.  I had never seen this game before, but the cards match the pictures on the board.  They would make great altered art pieces, and so would the box cover.  Too cute.

I was so pleased to find my final item, 11 children’s books.  Most are from the 1950s.  Love the pictures in the picture books.

The Brownie Scout Handbook is adorable.  The line art is cute and all the girls are wearing dresses.  Some of the things a Brownie is expected to do are:
1.  Learn how to introduce people, how to receive guests and how to serve refreshments.

2.  Learn how to press your hair ribbons and to iron an apron.

3.  Learn how to set the table correctly, how to wash dishes, how to make a bed.

4.  Learn a simple folk dance.

Oh the simplicity of the times of 1951 when this book was written.  Do kids even learn how to receive a guest, iron anything much less hair ribbons or aprons, wash dishes (besides putting them in a dishwasher) or dance?  I have to admit, my boy do not know how to iron.  I remember ironing my Dad’s hankies when I was young.  I do not iron very often any more, but I think I need to teach my boys.

Did you find anything that makes you realize you need to teach your child or grandchild a new task?

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Thrifted Finds – Oct 30

This thermometer is broken, and when I took this photo is wasn’t even 50 above.  So looking forward to warming temperatures in a few months.  However, they are predicting colder than average temperatures this winter.  Remember, we have below zero temperatures several days during the winter.  Our record low just two years ago was 41 below without wind chill.  Yep, it gets cold here in North Dakota.

Christmas is coming.  I have not even started Christmas shopping yet.  Have you?

Don’t rely on your astrology sign horoscopes to tell you what you kind of day you will have, go out and make your day what you want it to be.

The days are getting shorter and shorter around here.  We need more light.  If you are in the United States, don’t forget to change your clock back next Sunday.

Take time to appreciate fun, little things in life that make you smile.  Life is so short and crazy and busy…When you see something that makes you smile, pause.  It is the little things that make life sweet.  Have a wonderful week.

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Would You Buy It Wednesday? Oct 26

Here is an interesting piece.  The woman I got it from is moving to Alaska and didn’t want to deal with it.  She said it was from the 1960s.  Her Grandparents had it.  It supposedly was a School Nurse’s Couch.  It completely looks like a Mod piece of furniture that I am seeing all over the internet.  I did get it; my boys think it is so cool.  They want to use it when they play video games…laying on their tummies.  I think I am going to sell it sometime, but for now it lives in our basement room where the boys spend a ton of time.

Would you have acquired this item? What if I told you that it was free?

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Owl Themed Finds?

This weekend I hit just a couple of garage sales, but found some fun items.  This owl spoon rest is adorable.  Love the colors…aqua and black.  It will look cute next to any stove top but especially a stainless steel one.

The other owl item I found was this Cookie Jar.  It is in excellent condition.

I do not know anything about these tall, thin pitchers, but they caught my eye.  There are no markings on them.  But won’t they be cute in the spring with a daisy in them?

This was something unique.  They are napkin and toothpicker holders.  They are made out of a branch.  Someone made them and decoupaged a rose image on them.  Simply unique.

I love crates, any kind of crates.  Not a Pepsi fan, but love the bright red letters on this crate, and it is in great condition.  I am a die hard Coke fan.  My favorite…

Photo taken from

Diet Coke with Lime.  Just had to give Coke a little lime light if I am going to have Pepsi on my site. 

I was so pleased to find this item.  It is a napkin and placemat set from the 1960s. Never taken out of the  box.  My Mom and Dad were married in the early 60s.  Mom had several items in this type of box. It immediately reminded me of wedding gift boxes she had stored behind a dresser in a room in the attic.  No, she didn’t have these, but I love the color of the placemats, a cool aqua.

So even though it is fall and only a couple of garage sales were open, I found a few great treasures.  What did you find this weekend?  Did any of it stir up a memory?

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Did You Read Nancy Drew? and Thank You

Look at this pile of books. Let me tell you it pays to stop at a garage sale even when not planning on it.  I was doing errands when I saw a garage sale sign, so I swung in.  There in the back corner was a large box stating $10 for Nancy Drew books, Incomplete Set.  I took a closer look and saw the old books.  Oh how I loved reading Nancy Drew when I was young.  They immediately brought back memories me reading on the couch on a Saturday afternoon.  I loved the mystery and I loved that she was a girl and could solve mysteries just like the Hardy Boys did.  I looked at a couple of the books, and I thought several may be first editions.  Woo-hoo.  49 books for $10, what a deal.

Oh how I love “The Secret of the Old Clock” the first book.  However I only read the revised version.  I can’t wait to re-read this book with the additional 5 chapters.  This book might be a first edition.  If so, it might be worth a couple of bucks.  Definitely a great score.

On another note, I just realized I passed 100 posts to this little old blog this week.  I started this blog in June of this year, so I am averaging about 20-25 posts a month.  I wasn’t sure how it would go, but I really am having a blast with my blog.  I hope you are enjoying following my thrifting, junking, picking, photographing, and decorating, ramblings. I also had my 20th sale on Etsy this week.  So Friday night I celebrated by doing a little happy dance.

Thanks so much for reading my blog. On Friday I had over 250 people read my blog.  Wow, humbling.  To those of you who leave comments, I want to send a huge thank you.  Your comments really make my day.  Have a fantastic weekend.

Recent Vintage Finds

Some times when I do a lot of junking or thrifting I do not always have time to photograph everything.  I have gone back and taken photos of a few things I have found in recent weeks.

These vintage games are in excellent shape.  My sisters and I played a lot of Life when we were young.  My boys have this game now, but it is manufactured in the last 10 years.  I really do not like how the game is played now.  So I was happy to find this old game in great shape.  As for the Quiz Kids, I had not heard of it before.  It is a game from 1940.  I do not know how to play it but look at a couple of questions in the game.

How Long is an Ordinary Cigarette? (2 3/4″)

What Time of Day Should Strawberries Be Picked?  (In the morning when they are cool.)

Name the Farming Tool that Looks Like a  Question Mark.  (A sickle)

Gives you an idea of what life was like in 1940.

At one auction sale I bid on this camera and got it for a steal.  However, when I went through the box it was in, I found these…

Four more older cameras.  Does this mean I have an instant camera collection?

Christmas is slowing quickly approaching, so it was fun to find some awesome vintage children’s books that were mostly Christmas.  I have always enjoyed Golden Books.

Love that this toy school desk is in pretty good shape.  It is missing the letter “Y” but otherwise has the rest of the letters and the cards in it as well.

Since I mentioned Christmas I thought I would show you a Cookie Jar that I recently acquired.  Thought it is fun because it looks like a kid created it.

So are you starting to find Christmas items or are you still trying to pretend Christmas isn’t coming?

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