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Me Aug 2013

My name is Karen G. I live in North Dakota.  I have been married to a wonderful man for 29 years.  I have two awesome young adults boys, one in college and the other living on his one.  Life is crazy good.

I Iove to find life in old, cast-off objects.  I enjoy a good garage sale, thrift store, or auction sale to find items…little treasures that I can reuse or repurpose or redo. I love to share my treasures and my new creations.

I am working on my health and have become passionate about all things related to health and habits.  I am studying to be a health coach.  I will open my own business in 2015.  Let me know if you would like to do a free consultation.

I love to take photos, especially of still life objects.  Here I share my journey to become a better photographer.  My favorite photography is taking photos of everyday objects around the house or in the yard.

I enjoy scrapbooking my memories.  My memories come to life on the page.  I don’t scrap as much as I wish, but I do share layouts to encourage you to scrapbook or journal your memories.

I have many other hobbies like reading, finding sales and using coupons, and gardening.  Those items show up from time to time.

No matter what happens, the good or the bad, it is still life.  It’s all good.

10 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Karen,

    I’ve been following your new blog and etsy store. Great blog name. Love the use of that old shed picture. Love the tag line. Really enjoy your writing. It’s insightful, witty, informative and at times funny. You seem to have found a little niche to successfully fill. I didn’t know you had such a creative side with all those re-use, re-paint, put-together ideas. All around a great job! Keep it up!


    • Thanks Jon for the nice words. Means a lot. I am having a blast. I have never thought of myself as creative, but that was because I can’t draw a stick figure. I finally have found ways to be creative in other ways.

  2. Great blog Karen. I really like the photo used as your header. It reminds me of being at Uncle John’s farm on the prairie. Abandoned little farm houses make me a little sad sometimes, like a certain era has ended. There is a silent beauty to them, as they are slowly being taken over by the landscape. I look forward to reading your blog posts.

    • HI Carrie, Thanks. The photo is from a little building that is still standing on my sister’s farm. They want to tear it down, but I love it. I so agree that it makes me sad that the era of small family farms have passed. Nothing can compare to its beauty and even more important, its peacefulness. Thanks for reading my blog. I am sure having fun.

  3. Hi Karen, I found you through Shara(monkeybox). I know I am going to enjoy my visits to your blog. I have a blog but have not posted in 2 years. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Karen G, I have a set of those TV beer glasses also. My father received a set of those in the 1950s from the network. My guess is there fairly rare as I think they were only given to ad and Tv executives. I think they’re a neat size holding 8.5ozs. Nice shot of them.
    Clark Wheeler Gainesville FL

    • Clark, Thanks for telling me more about those glasses. Glad to hear you got them from your father. Sounds like they are rare. Enjoy them and thanks for commenting.

  5. You blue “Honeycomb” pitcher was made by Anchor Hocking. The pattern name is Madrid. Shown on pg.92 of The Fire King Years & Beyond by Philip Hopper

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