MIO – Flavor Your Water


Since early October I have given up my beloved Coke from Coca-Cola. And yes, I drank the full sugared, caffeine type. I had tried to drink diet flavors but kept going back to the real thing.  Here in the northern plains we call it pop and not soda, but regardless of what I called it, it was not good for me.

Along with giving it up, I have drunk 8-10 glasses of water every day.  I have never enjoyed drinking water.  Still can’t stand it if it has a strong chlorine taste, but overall I have adapted to the taste of water and enjoy my water.


One of the things I have done is fill a pitcher of water with 64 ounces before bedtime and leave it in the fridge.  Then the next day it is ready to go.  I don’t have to try to keep track of how much I am drinking. I just need to make sure that the pitcher is empty when I go to bed.

I have always loved to take a break in the early afternoon to sit down and drink my can of Coke.  I really think it was the carbonation more than anything because I still miss that fizz. So instead of my Coke, I have started drinking herbal tea, sometimes with a packet of Truvia and sometimes not.  Recently I tried Mio.  Have you heard about Mio? It is a small bottle that you can squirt into a glass or bottle of water to flavor it.  Just something different from plain water.  I am really enjoying it.  It has no calories because it has sucralose.  I am trying to stay away from sucralose, but a little squirt is just what I need when I don’t want a hot tea for my break time.

When I do have my herbal tea or my Mio flavored water, I normally take that from my filtered tap and not my pitcher, so that is why I can get more than 8 glasses in on any given day.  Just small tricks to make it easier for myself.  I expect to continue this through this year.

So what do you do to make sure you drink more water?