Thrifty Finds – Oct 20

Red Cast Iron Milk Stool

I haven’t shown my thrifty finds lately.  Here goes…this awesome cast iron, red milking stool.  Loved it.  Listed it and it sold within a few days of listing.  There would be so many uses for it.  It also would work in a vignette.  I was thinking if it hadn’t sold, I would have used it for Christmas décor.

Coca Cola Crate a

Another red item…I found another Coca Cola crate.  Just got it listed.  These usually don’t stick around for long.

Wood Riding Horse Toy b

Look at this adorable wood, riding horse.  It is so cute.  I love the chippy wood, the red and green paint….hmmm, maybe I can use this in my Christmas décor.

Mohawk Minnow Bucket a

This minnow bucket with its green font logo is wonderful.  Love the aged galvanized metal.

Ironing Board a

This green ironing board I just listed, but I am trying to decide about it.  I have been thinking about a memo board in my den.  This would work, just hang and add magnets.

Kennedy Books a

With the 50th anniversary of John F Kennedy’s assassination I finally listed these two Memorial booklets that honored him at the time.  Very cool history.  I really enjoyed going through them.

Samsonite Train Case a

Another awesome train case.  I have sold almost 10 of these things.  They usually sell within 30 days of listing them.  There are so many uses for them.  This one is in very good condition, so I expect it to go quickly.

Amber Flower Pitcher a

Amber pitchers are slow movers, but they do sell.  It is so late 70s and early 80s.  This one has a great shape and love the flower on the side.

McCoy Donkey planter a

I have sold a couple of planters and have found there is a market out there for them.  Not sure if the brown drip glaze is very popular.  Guess I will see if this McCoy donkey planter will sell.

Schmidt collector Animal Mugs a

I am selling these beer mugs that are from the Schmidt Beer Collectors Series.  These are the first 2 through 5.  I wish I had found the 1st one, but if someone wants a quick collection, this would be a great way to start.

Gamebird Glasses a

There is no mark on these footed glasses that have game birds on them, so I don’t know the brand, but they are in awesome condition.  Because Big M is into hunting I like to display glasses like these.  Right now I have pheasant glasses on display.

Replogle Globe a

Finally, I listed a couple of globes.  This one is my favorite ever.  I love the metal ring stand.  It is a Replogle True to Life Globe from the late 1980s.

So what are you finding in your thrifting adventures?


Thrifty Finds – Dec 19

Brown Hardshell Suitcase a

I haven’t had a thrift find report lately.  I have been hunting for items in my garage and storage area to list to my Etsy Shop.  I continue to enjoy finding suitcases. The one listed above sold in just a few days.

Janet Lennon Dolls a

I found this Janet Lennon Stand Up Paper Doll set in the bottom of a box.

Janet Lennon Dolls d

Look how adorable the clothes are.  It brought back memories of the Lawrence Welk Show.  My parents used to watch it on Saturday evenings after they finished milking cows and they were getting ready to go out on a night on the town.  I loved watching Mom dress and my Dad shave with his Old Spice aftershave.

Mod Ice Bucket a

This mod ice bucket has a wonderful design.

Michelob Pitcher a

Superbowl Sunday will be coming up so the Michelob Pitcher might be a great thing to serve the beer in.

Pyrex Casserole Cradle a

Of course I found some Pryex.  This Bluebird Promotional Pyrex Casserole with cradle is so pretty.

Pyrex Turquoise Casserole a

Or this primary Blue Pyrex Casserole is just gorgeous.

Glass Cake Pedestal a

Or this stunning cake or cupcake glass pedestal plate

And I started with a suitcase, so I had to finish with a typewriter; one of a few others items I just can’t resist buying.

Royal Electric Typewriter c

Normally I go for manual typewriters, but this one is a Royal 1970s electric typewriter that still works.  I just know there are people out there that want to have an electric typewriter.  Just couldn’t let it go in the trash.

So there you go, many of my thifty finds that I am digging out of my own stash. I bought these items this summer, but never had time to do anything with.  There are a few inches of snow on the ground, so there are no garage sales or auction sales.  But that is ok, I get just as excited to find a treasure that I had forgotten as when I first found it.

Do you forget you have some of your thrifty finds?



November – Good Sales Month

I had my second best sales month ever. This past July was my best.  31 items went out the door this month.  I have so enjoyed the interaction with my customers.  Everyone has just been wonderful to work with.  I have had some rush orders, and others that have asked me to hold the orders, so they don’t arrive when they aren’t home.  I am always happy to try make it work for them.

I have also listed a few new things.

Blue Snack Set d

This lovely turquoise Hazelware snack set is simply lovely.  I fell for the color as well as the shape.

Anchor Hocking Snack Set d

I also added two beautiful Anchor Hocking Snack Sets.  The trays are clear glass, but the cups are an emerald-green.  Perfect for a holiday party.  I decided to sell the two, 8 piece sets together.

Amber Bubble Pitcher

This funky dot Hazel Atlas pitcher.  I call it a bubble pitcher. Not sure what it really is called.

Brown File Drawers Stacked

A set of industrial file drawers.  There are 3 stackable cabinets that I decided to sell together.  Is industrial still hot right now?  I think so, my industrial items still seem to sell.

Green Wool Hat a

Still finding vintage hats.  So I added this lovely green wool hat to my store.

Scarf d

I also added this vintage scarf along with a couple of cowboy hats and leather gloves.  Since it is cold outside here in North Dakota it is easier to list warm clothing.


Fisher Price Airport a

I even added some vintage 1970s Fisher Price toys like this Fisher Price Airport set.

Fisher Price Service Station a

Or this wonderful Fisher Price Parking Ramp and Service Station.  I love those toys that were like ones I played with.  Those Little People were so much better than the shape and look of those “safer” ones today.

Sewing Drawer

This vintage sewing drawer was listed and sold quickly, but I just had to show it to you.  The design and the drawer pull were fabulous. This one is one of those items in the bottom of an auction box that makes me squeal in delight at the unexpected find.  It would be wonderful as a storage drawer in a craft room.

Yes, there is much more.  I think the next couple of weeks will remain steady, or at  least I hope they do, so I will be focusing on listing and selling.

If you have a store, are you finding that your sales are up?