Thrifty Finds – Nov 18

Asian Kiss Me Bobbleheads a

Recently I found a couple of pairs of Kiss Me Bobbleheads.  These Asian ones are adorable.

Dutch Kissing Bobbleheads b

So are these bobble heads, but I am not sure if they are German, Austrian, or even Dutch.  Any ideas? The girl reminds me of Little Red Riding Hood.

Gold Magazine Rack a

Added another magazine rack.  This one is a little smaller.  Could easily be used on a desk in an office for files.

Honey Bear Juice Glass a

These Honey Bear juice glasses were in an ‘all to go’ box.  I think they are so cute.  I wish I knew who the manufacture was.

Thermo Serve Gold Cups b

These Thermo Serv cups remind me of weddings I attended when I was young.  The hall that all the events were held in used thermo serv cups for their coffee cups.  Not exactly like this, but these are a definite 60s throw back.

Rose Pillowcases a

Found some more vintage pillowcases.  Sometimes I think I should change out my bedding so I could use these beauties. However, a dear friend of mine quilted my beautiful bed cover.  I love it.  No way that treasure is going anywhere.

Jesus Face a

I wish I could figure out how to photograph this Jesus Head of Christ print.  It is a 3D, raised image.  Don’t know what it is called.  It is old – 1935.

White Beaded Purse a

Finally I got this at an auction sale.  Was told it was the wedding purse of retired lady.  Not sure how old it is. However, but what I learned of the lady, I think it is from the 1960s.  It is a handmade, beaded and sequins purse.  It is so pretty.  Almost wish I had somewhere to go to use it.

I continue to work on my Etsy Shop as time permits.  Are you finding any great treasures?

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Thrifty Finds – Nov 1

Owl Latch Hook

Are owls still popular?  This owl latch hook wall hanging is so 70s.  It is in excellent condition.  I can see it on paneled walls in a basement.

Stuffed Handmade Owl aNormally I don’t pick up stuffed items, but this handmade owl is adorable.  Vintage 80s.

Flat Wire Magazine Rack aFound another gold magazine rack.  This one is flat.  At first I thought it was a fireplace log holder, but it is too small to hold more than 2 logs. The magazine racks I have listed aren’t selling as fast as some have.  I think the Mod looking ones sell faster than the regular gold ones.

Spuds Mackenzie Bud Light Beer Mug aThis Spuds Mackenzie beer mug is from the 80s when Spuds was popular in the Bud Light commercials.  Remember him partying with bikini clad girls?

Vintage Greeting Cards aI hope to get a group of 9 vintage greeting cards listed soon.  I love the graphics.  It reminds me of when my sister and I used to play with my Mom and Dad’s wedding cards.  We played store and favorites.  They gave us hours of imaginative fun.

Winnie the Pooh Wall Hangings aI sold a Mary Had a Little Lamb Hardboard Wall Hanging a while back, so I decided to list Winnie the Pooh.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Wall Hangings aAnd Mickey Mouse too.  I think either would be adorable in a nursery or a child’s playroom.

Tom and Jerry Milk Glass Set aWhat about a few holiday items…this Tom and Jerry bowl and cup set is so awesome.  I sold a similar cups last year.

Coca Cola Ornaments aThese vintage Coca Cola ornaments are so cute.  Not sure how popular Coke products around the holidays are, but I am a Coke fan…not that I have had a Coke in over two or so months now.

Playalong Melode Bells aFinally I think these toy musical scale bells are fabulous.  The colors are wonderful and the musical scale sounds are great.  Think these would be fun to have around for children during Christmas season.

I am sort of getting into the Christmas spirit.  Ok, yes, Thanksgiving is still almost 4 weeks away, but last night Big M and I went to Mass and then out for dinner.  The boys stayed home to hand out candy.  We then stopped at Menards for items for a house project. All of their trees are displayed.  Our artificial tree is from 1990.  We bought it for $79 from Kmart when we were first married.  Its pines leaves are really falling out, so we need a new one.  However, we want one that has colored lights on them; no more tangled lights.  Most of the trees have white lights.  Finally this year we are seeing colored lights on a few trees.  We spent about 45 minutes looking at trees, and still couldn’t decide on one.  I hope to do more tree shopping in the next few weeks, so we have one for Thanksgiving weekend when we put it up.  No, I am not wanting Christmas to be here, just starting to thing about a tree and Christmas shopping.  I have purchased a couple of things on Etsy already for gifts.

Have you started making your Christmas gift and to-do lists?

Thrifty Finds – August 28

Bingo and Cage

I mentioned this past weekend that I was able to go to garage sales.  Here are a few finds.  Love this bingo set.  I see boxed Bingo sets from time to time, but rarely one that has the cage. So cool.


I love finding train cases.  Such history come with them.  This brown train case even has a key.

Clown Planter

Along with the lady head planters I found this clown face planter.  I don’t think they are very valuable, and I normally don’t like clowns. This one makes me smile.

Box Fan

I remember when I was young we had a box fan.  Yep, they were dangerous, but they sure were fun to sit in front of and hum or make sounds.  Loved hearing it echo back to me.

Flower Place Card Holders

I saw these flower place card holders for $.25.  They could add a little color to a table.

Magazine Rack

I continue to pick up gold magazine racks.  This magazine rack looks to be from the 1950s, but I am not sure.  Still have research to do.

Squeaky Toy dog

What is it with squeaky toys.  I am not sure why I like them.  But this dog was just $.25, so picked him up too.

Swedish Dish Cloth

Finally I bought these 8 Swedish Dish Cloths that are brand new.  Wondering if you have ever tried them. They state they are super absorbent.  Wondering if that is true?

Picnic Baskets and Magazine Racks

Hawkeye Picnic Basket 1Over the course of the last two months I have been so busy with family life, I haven’t had time to list many items in my store.  My inventory was down to around 75 items.  I want to keep it over 100 and hope to get it to 150 items by summer.  Life has calmed down some; still of few more weeks of boys’ activities and home schooling.  I have been trying to list a few items and realized I haven’t shown you these items that I found last fall.

Summer is coming so why not use a beautiful woven basket with cute plastic plates and plastic paper plate holders.  It is a Basketville basket.  If it doesn’t sell, I will keep it for my own storage.

Woven Picnic Basket d

I haven’t listed this woven basket yet, but hope to soon.  Love the color of the plates and cups.  I did list a basket I have shown before. I will have 3 picnic baskets listed.  I recently sold one.  With spring in the air, now is the time for people to be looking for these extra-large baskets.  I really do think they would make great storage in my home.

Silver Magazine Rack 2

I also have been listing some magazine racks.  I love the color, silver.  This funky magazine rack is different, but great sleek shape. It feels 50s to me. Normally I see two-sided racks like this one below.

Gold Magazine Rack 1 This magazine rack looks space age to me, but I would prefer it to be silver. Yeah, I know, I know…gold is making a come-back. But not for this girl, at least for a while.

Bamboo Magazine Rack 1

Finally this bamboo magazine rack is collapsible.  If it doesn’t sell I plan to paint it another color.

So there you have it some of my first listings in a while.  I am sure as I keep working on it, I will find more things I haven’t shared.  Plus I hope to get back to auction sales soon.  Garage sales won’t start for another month around here, but I can’t wait.  It has been too long.

So do you have auction sales going on where you live?  When do they start?

Thrifty Finds – July 15

I just had to show you a teaser of the items I picked up on Friday at the garage sale by Lydia, the 93-year-old woman.  It is a galvanized, square tub full of items.  I still haven’t had any time to go through it.  So every spare minute I have this week, you can bet I will be working on going through it.  The best part is this isn’t it.  I got several more items.  So today I thought I would show you a couple other items.

I got this suitcase from Lydia.  You can’t see it, but her husband’s name is printed on the outside.  She told me he died in 1992 due to complications of MS.  I have listed a couple of suitcases and they have sold well, so I need to get this one listed.

I got this suitcase about 10 days ago at an auction sale.  It even has the key, but it does have a musty smell, so I am working on airing that out.  Got to get this one listed.  So taking photos of these reminded me of one I got several months ago that got put aside.

Yep, need to get these all listed.  The hard part is finding boxes large enough to ship them in.

I just had to buy Lydia’s magazine rack.  Love the mod look to it.  I am still not into gold, but I know gold is making a come back.

I listed these Bell Quilted Crystal jelly jars that I found last year.  I figured canning season is coming, so I best get them listed.  They are from the 1970s.

I fell for this blue stoneware bowl with a lid.  This was an auction buy.

This Square Red Pyrex bowl was a hidden treasure in a Choice Box at an auction sale.  The item I was wanting wasn’t what I thought, but this guy was at the bottom.  Love happy surprises like that. Pyrex has sold very well for me.  Just sent off the Pink Pyrex bowls I showed you early this month to someone in Montana.  The woman bought it for her sister’s bridal shower who is into vintage and pink.

Look at this Red Wing Pot.  This color does not sell well for me, but I love Red Wing items so I took a chance.

Look at this unique Brass candelabra. It is so heavy  I love the bowl in the middle.  If it doesn’t sell, I might keep it and spray paint it.  Is it a crime to paint brass?

I will finish this post with this last item for today.  I love this cast iron implement seat.  I do not know if it came from a tractor or something like a rake, but I snatched it up at an auction for a steal.

I am looking forward to showing you all my goodies as I go through them.  Did you find any bargains this week?

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