Have you heard of  It is a website that offers online classes live for free.  The classes can also be purchased for later viewing. If you purchase a class while it is live, there is a discount.  Classes are offered almost everyday of the week.

For the last couple of days I have been listening and watching Photoshop Elements for Photographers by Lesa Snider.  The class was a two-day class from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. central time.  That is one long class.  I had the class on and wore my wireless headset while I was doing other things like laundry and working on my business.  I didn’t catch it all but enough tips to be worth it. Actually it was such a great class that I purchased the class.  I use Photoshop Elements to improve my photos for my product photos.  This class is going to save me a lot of time on editing my photos.

If you are interested in learning something new in your home, go check out for classes on photography, software, design, business, lifestyle, and filmmaking.

Becky Higgins will be teaching a 3-day class in November called Scrapbooking with Project Life.  There is no way I can spend three days listening to this class, but I plan to listen in when I can to get any tips Becky might have.

Do you take any online classes? If so, tell me where.

Wake – Reconnecting with the World


I just started a photography class at Big Picture Classes called, Picture Everyday.   n the class, we will be taking photos of everyday things and happenings for a few weeks.  It has been 2 or 3 years since I have taken a photography class, so I decided to join this one.  Tracey Clark is the teacher.  I have taken classes from her before.  I always love her prompts.  I think you can still join if you are interested in improving your photography.

Today was Wake.  So I took a self-portrait of me at my computer.  I always wake and reconnect with the world.  See what is happening, news, Facebook, and check my Etsy Shop to see if I had any sales.  It is the way I start my day, right after a morning hug for Big M.  Then after Big M leaves for work, I do my prayer and devotion time.  Then I am ready to wake up JV at 7:00 to get school going.

So what do you do when you Wake?

Got Glue at Creative Passion

You might remember that I am creating a SMASH journal this year.  I will update you on my progress in another post. So when I ran across this Free, yes, FREE class at Creative Passions, I knew I had to join.  It started this week, but I think you can still join.  If you are interested in art journaling, junk journaling, SMASH books, you might want to check out Got Glue?  A Guide to Junk Journals, SMASH books and Ephemera Diaries at Creative Passions.

Design Challenge – 1

I love taking classes at Big Picture Classes.  I just started a new one called, Design Challenges from Elizabeth Dillow.  It started today.  A fun part of this class is that Stacy Julian will be creating a page based on the challenge and then showing it to us via video. 

The first challenge was to make a layout based on a familiar form.  I took it as something that I see everyday.

I knew immediately that I wanted to make a layout based on the My Classes page on Big Picture Classes.  Above is the view when you click on the Design Challenges page to sign up, but you get the idea. 

I am not a digital scrapper, however, I decided to try this layout digitally.  It went so quickly.  I am so pleased with this layout that captures my boys…right now.  The gray lines state specifics about each of the boys, and the right hand column are things that they both do right now. I would not have done this layout without this class.  Life is changing so quickly; I know I am going to love looking back on it to see what the boys were into at this time.

You can still sign up for Design Challenges through May 2. I don’t get anything for telling you about this class. I just think it is fun and motivational. If you want some motivation to scrap, go check it out.

Twelve at Big Picture Classes

Photo From Big Picture Classes

 I am a scrapbooker.  Yes, it might be hard to believe that I am since I have rarely posted a layout on this blog, but I truly love to scrapbook.  I started in 1999-2000 when my boys were little. Early on I found Stacy Julian and loved her philosophy.  She started Big Picture Classes in 2006.  I have taken several classes at this wonderful site.  I have loved every class that I have taken from Stacy Julian, herself.  Now she is going to teach a class in 2012 as part of their 4 expert series called, Twelve.

Photo from Big Picture Classes

The bulk of the class is in January – March of 2012, but there will be more throughout the remainder of the year.  I am trying to decide if I am going to join this class.  It is $144 for the year.  Every one of her classes have been worth the cost they charge, but I am trying to decide if I will really do the class.  Yes, you have forever access to the class,  (Which, by the way is so cool that you can go back to your class anytime you want.) but if I take the class I want to participate. With my obsession hobby of junking taking so much of my free priorities, will I take the time to participate or not?

So are you familiar with Big Picture Classes?  Are you planning on taking the class?  What do you think?  I love each and every comment I receive.

Big Idea Festival – Big Picture Classes

Have you signed up for the free, yes FREE, two-week workshop at Big Picture Classes in August.  If you are a scrapbooker, journaler or photographer, you really need to check out this workshop. I signed up for my first workshop back in 2007 and have participated in many classes since.  Right now I am participating in theThe Mother LOAD with Lain Ehmann.  

Click on picture to find out more information.

Every August Big Picture Classes has offered a free workshop or class.  This year’s Big Idea Festival looks like a ton of fun.  The best part is that you have forever access to the class if you can’t keep up with it. There are other free classes to try, as well, if you aren’t sure about taking on online class. 
Hope you sign up.  I have and will be there ready for the fun.