Threshold – Looking Out or In

Threshold Sept 23 a

I started my photography class last week.  Today was Threshold.  At first I thought….why?  What is interesting about the threshold?  But I started taking photos and in the end I really liked this one.  Yes, it is dark inside with the sun shining outside, but it makes me think of dreams and the future.  It is a picture I am willing to show to the world.  Not like this photo…

Threshold Sept 23 b

looking in to my house.  I really wasn’t going to show it, but I like the composition of it from down low.

Yes, the first thing you see when you come to my home is the piles of stuff I am working through for my business.  It actually is quite organized, but it still is “stuff”. However, it is the best place for me to have it readily available but out-of-the-way of my family.  We never come in this door, we always come through the garage.

So, I was embarrassed at first to show this photo.  But then I thought about it.  The reality is I am a junker.  I search for vintage items to buy at a reasonable price to resell to someone who needs it or at least appreciates it.  I have been doing this for 2.5 years.  It is a part of my life, and that lifestyle brings it with, well, junk.  It has to be somewhere while working on it. My family is ok with it, so why aren’t I. If you come to my home that is what you will see.  My treasures waiting for me to list, or clean or sort.  Hopefully you come to see me, not my “junk”, unless of course you want to buy it all.

Besides I can look at it like a metaphor.  We can look outside of our threshold of our lives and see sunshine and green, all things roses.  Everyone else seems to have it all together. But we must look inside at the dirt and dust and work on cleaning it up.  If we don’t look at it, it just grows. Today I choose to look at it, work on it, tackle it. To acknowledge the real me. I choose to grow, not my faults and messes.

Wow, it must be Monday after a great weekend of cleaning and organizing.  I am way to philosophical even for me.


Wake – Reconnecting with the World


I just started a photography class at Big Picture Classes called, Picture Everyday.   n the class, we will be taking photos of everyday things and happenings for a few weeks.  It has been 2 or 3 years since I have taken a photography class, so I decided to join this one.  Tracey Clark is the teacher.  I have taken classes from her before.  I always love her prompts.  I think you can still join if you are interested in improving your photography.

Today was Wake.  So I took a self-portrait of me at my computer.  I always wake and reconnect with the world.  See what is happening, news, Facebook, and check my Etsy Shop to see if I had any sales.  It is the way I start my day, right after a morning hug for Big M.  Then after Big M leaves for work, I do my prayer and devotion time.  Then I am ready to wake up JV at 7:00 to get school going.

So what do you do when you Wake?