Turmeric Tea

Turmeric Tea

It is cold outside. It is well below zero with winds a blowin’.  Wanted something warm and healthy to drink.  Been hearing about the health benefits of turmeric.  Decided to try Turmeric Tea.  I found this recipe along with health benefits of turmeric on Dr. Axe’s website.  You can check it out there.  Surprising it had a smooth yumminess to it. Not many ingredients….coconut milk, water, ghee, honey and turmeric.  Since I was the only one drinking, I cut everything in half.

If you are looking for something different to drink because it is cold where you are, try it.  But one caution….turmeric can and will stain so be careful what it touches.

Have you tried any warm drinks lately?

Cooking School

Photo from The Kitchn

Photo from The Kitchn

I know that we are already into the second half of the month, and I am a little late posting this.  The Kitchn website is hosting a daily, online Cooking School since Oct 6.  Each day they are teaching you how to cook.  Yesterday’s was on herbs and spices.

Now I know how to cook, but every day there has been a tip or two that I learned.  So go check it out.  You can still sign up, or you can just check out the past lessons.  I know that the better I am getting at cooking, the more we are enjoying our meals.

We are never too old to learn something new.


The Power of Habits


Lately I have been reading books on habits as well as on health and fitness.  One of the books on habits I enjoyed was The Power of Habits: Why We Do What We Do In Life and Business by Charles Duhigg.  I would recommend reading this book if you are interested in understanding your habits and how to change habits.

Today I found a brief video online by Mr. Duhigg called How to Break Habits.  It is just over 3 minutes and well worth the watch.

Finally if you want to test this theory out, you may want to check out the website, Tiny Habits.  Mr BJ Fogg has created a way for you to try forming a new habit by paying attention to a cue, an action, and a reward.  About a month ago I tried one of his mini sessions.  One of the habits I created was to do push ups after I go to the bathroom.  It worked. I can no longer go to the bathroom without doing a couple of push ups before I leave the bathroom. (Is that more than you want to know?). At first my reward was a “Yeah I did it.” while looking in the mirror.  Yes, I felt a little stupid, but kept at it.  I now do between 15 and 24 push ups a day, when I couldn’t even do one push up that wasn’t on my knees.  And now…now my reward is muscles developing in my biceps and upper back.  Pretty cool.

I am in the process of trying to figure out what other healthy habit I want to create.  I know I want to eat slower, but I can’t figure out a cue or a reward yet.  So trying to break it down to a small routine.  If I get it, I will let you know.

If you try it, I would love to hear what habit you want to break or to form.

This Broke My Heart


A woman in Canada is desperately seeking a family for her daughters.  She set up a website to beg for someone to help her.  The father, apparently is out of the picture, and she is in a long-term care facility for multiple sclerosis and other physical ailments. She can not take care of them.

My heart just broke for this woman.  I can’t imagine not being able to take care of myself, much less my two boys. I am blessed…I have my health. But what would I do?  First, I have an amazing husband who would never abandon his boys.  Second, I have a fantastic family who I know would help or take my boys in, so I know I would not be in this situation.  For that I know I am so dearly blessed.

I admire this woman.  She is doing what she can to make sure her daughters are taken care of.  That is sacrificial love. She is willing to sacrifice her time with her daughters to ensure their physical and mental health.  Wow, that is being a Mom.

I live in the USA, so I can’t help, but I would if I lived near there.  It appears that many people have expressed interest in helping.  I have found that if people know of others needs, they are usually more than willing to help.  People are good and generous, and I am hopeful for these girls.  However, I will keep praying for this woman…she will continue to need them.

Brussels Sprouts Anyone?

Brussel Sprouts


In my quest to eat more vegetables I decided to try brussels sprouts.  I have never eaten them before, so off to Pinterest I went to find a good, healthy recipe.

Tonight I made Cranberry Orange Roasted Brussels Sprouts from Two Peas & Their Pod.  The above photos is what they looked like when I put them in the oven.

I did make one change…I used Truvia instead of honey.  I was pleasantly surprised.  My first try with brussels sprouts was yummy.  No, they weren’t my favorite vegetable, but I liked them.  However, no one else in the family really liked them.  So I am wondering…anyone have a good recipe for brussels sprouts?  Please leave me a link in the comments or send me an email with the recipe.  I have half a bag left, so I want to try a new recipe on Tuesday.  Once I find a good recipe, I am going to move on to eggplant, but for now it is brussels sprouts that I want to be able to incorporate into our dinners.

BTW, did you know it is brussels not brussel?  I didn’t realize there was an ‘S’ at the end.  Learned something new today.

Radiant Orchid – Pantone Color 2014



Have you heard that the Pantone Color of 2014 is Radiant Orchid.  I have to say I was a little, no actually, more than a little, disappointed.  I am not a purple fan.  I know there are many of you who love purple.  I don’t.  The only place I like purple is outside….flowers.  Purple flowers are my favorite.  However, purple everywhere else is not for me.

You can check out my post from last year about Emerald Green. Definitely one I liked a whole lot more. I even had several items in my shop with those colors.  This year…not one item in my shop has radiant orchid much less purple, so there are no photos of vintage items for this post.  However, I did find the pretty vintage handkerchief.



I would buy this hankie.  Probably because it has flowers on it.

If you like orchid, and you decorate with purple in your home, you may love this planter.


This planter could be a gorgeous accent piece in your home.

So what do you think of this year’s color?  Like or dislike…tell me about it.



Have you heard of Creativelive.com?  It is a website that offers online classes live for free.  The classes can also be purchased for later viewing. If you purchase a class while it is live, there is a discount.  Classes are offered almost everyday of the week.

For the last couple of days I have been listening and watching Photoshop Elements for Photographers by Lesa Snider.  The class was a two-day class from 11 a.m. till 6 p.m. central time.  That is one long class.  I had the class on and wore my wireless headset while I was doing other things like laundry and working on my business.  I didn’t catch it all but enough tips to be worth it. Actually it was such a great class that I purchased the class.  I use Photoshop Elements to improve my photos for my product photos.  This class is going to save me a lot of time on editing my photos.

If you are interested in learning something new in your home, go check out Creativelive.com for classes on photography, software, design, business, lifestyle, and filmmaking.

Becky Higgins will be teaching a 3-day class in November called Scrapbooking with Project Life.  There is no way I can spend three days listening to this class, but I plan to listen in when I can to get any tips Becky might have.

Do you take any online classes? If so, tell me where.

In Order to Be Great…TED Talk

Do you listen to TED Talks? I do from time to time. I just had to share this one with you. Unfortunately I can not get it to embed in my blog.  You will just have to click on this link:

In Order to Be Great We Need to Get Over Ourselves, by Monsignor James Shea.

This man is very smart, has several degrees and was appointed as the youngest head of a college in the nation four years ago at the age of 34.  His talk is brilliant and interesting.  It also is a great example of how to give a good speech.  He has the timing down, the humility, and the humor that makes me want to keep on listening. Hope you enjoy this 15 minute video.

I would love to know what you think?

Painted Side Tables

side table

I had my current side tables since the early 1990s when we purchased our first home.  I wanted round tables instead of rectangle tables. I also wanted them to be painted to match or coordinate with my painted wall.

I had been looking for a while, not finding anything finished that I liked.  Last spring I found a set of unfinished side tables online that I really liked. I paint found items, so I could do it right?

side table unfinishedWhen I opened the box, I became intimidated.  It seemed overwhelming, plus I wanted to do them right.  They weren’t something I was going to sell, but actually be in my own living room.  So they sat in my garage all summer.  As a matter of fact I painted nothing the entire summer.  I just couldn’t get past my intimidation.

Finally in September I knew that the weather was going to start getting cold.  I do not have heat in my garage. I need to get them done.  One Saturday while my husband and boys were gone I pulled them out and started painting.

side table painting

I used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint, Louis Blue.  It was a close match to my wall. I loved that I didn’t have to sand or use a primer.  I also knew I wanted dark table tops, so I stained them.  Then I got intimidated again.  I wasn’t sure how to finish them.  A new business in town, Eco Chic Boutique, was holding their first chalk paint class in town.  I jumped on the chance to learn some new ideas about painting.  I learned about their clear Soft Wax.  I grabbed some and came home to finish my tables. Big M helped me put the tables together.

side table finished

I am really happy with how they turned out.  They are little taller than I would prefer but after enjoying them in our living room for a couple of weeks, we have adjusted to their height.  It feels great to know I finished this project, and we all love it.  Now I am trying to figure out what else I can paint.

Have you used Annie Sloan’s chalk paint?