Dallas – The TV Series Returns


If you are read my blog for the past couple of years, you know that I watched the tv series Dallas when I was young. I was excited when it returned in 2012 on TNT.  So even though my blog is mostly about thrifting, scrapping and photographs, I had to tell you about it here.

I just found out the 3rd season will start in February.  I admit, the series pulled me back into it.  It was different; faster-paced than I remember, but Bobby Ewing pulled me right back into the family.  I was sad when Larry Hagman died in 2012.  It will be interesting to see how they can build a character that we all love to hate.  I will be watching, will you?

I Will Love Him, Squeeze Him, Call Him George


Today I just had to shared this clip art with you.  It is going around on Facebook. Do you remember this cartoon from Looney Tunes where the Abominable Snowman said he would call his new pet George.  I loved this cartoon when I was little getting up at 6 to watch cartoons on Saturday morning…remember that was the only time they were on…early on Saturday morning.

I still love this.  My family all loves it as well. We even use it with each other when we are being funny in comforting someone.  This cartoon is more than 50 years old, yet it still brings smiles to many people’s faces.

Do you have a favorite cartoon from your childhood?

Oh, and just in case you have never seen this cartoon, you don’t know what you are missing. Just click on the photo of the link and see it on You Tube.

Thrifty Finds – Nov 1

Owl Latch Hook

Are owls still popular?  This owl latch hook wall hanging is so 70s.  It is in excellent condition.  I can see it on paneled walls in a basement.

Stuffed Handmade Owl aNormally I don’t pick up stuffed items, but this handmade owl is adorable.  Vintage 80s.

Flat Wire Magazine Rack aFound another gold magazine rack.  This one is flat.  At first I thought it was a fireplace log holder, but it is too small to hold more than 2 logs. The magazine racks I have listed aren’t selling as fast as some have.  I think the Mod looking ones sell faster than the regular gold ones.

Spuds Mackenzie Bud Light Beer Mug aThis Spuds Mackenzie beer mug is from the 80s when Spuds was popular in the Bud Light commercials.  Remember him partying with bikini clad girls?

Vintage Greeting Cards aI hope to get a group of 9 vintage greeting cards listed soon.  I love the graphics.  It reminds me of when my sister and I used to play with my Mom and Dad’s wedding cards.  We played store and favorites.  They gave us hours of imaginative fun.

Winnie the Pooh Wall Hangings aI sold a Mary Had a Little Lamb Hardboard Wall Hanging a while back, so I decided to list Winnie the Pooh.

Mickey Mouse Bathroom Wall Hangings aAnd Mickey Mouse too.  I think either would be adorable in a nursery or a child’s playroom.

Tom and Jerry Milk Glass Set aWhat about a few holiday items…this Tom and Jerry bowl and cup set is so awesome.  I sold a similar cups last year.

Coca Cola Ornaments aThese vintage Coca Cola ornaments are so cute.  Not sure how popular Coke products around the holidays are, but I am a Coke fan…not that I have had a Coke in over two or so months now.

Playalong Melode Bells aFinally I think these toy musical scale bells are fabulous.  The colors are wonderful and the musical scale sounds are great.  Think these would be fun to have around for children during Christmas season.

I am sort of getting into the Christmas spirit.  Ok, yes, Thanksgiving is still almost 4 weeks away, but last night Big M and I went to Mass and then out for dinner.  The boys stayed home to hand out candy.  We then stopped at Menards for items for a house project. All of their trees are displayed.  Our artificial tree is from 1990.  We bought it for $79 from Kmart when we were first married.  Its pines leaves are really falling out, so we need a new one.  However, we want one that has colored lights on them; no more tangled lights.  Most of the trees have white lights.  Finally this year we are seeing colored lights on a few trees.  We spent about 45 minutes looking at trees, and still couldn’t decide on one.  I hope to do more tree shopping in the next few weeks, so we have one for Thanksgiving weekend when we put it up.  No, I am not wanting Christmas to be here, just starting to thing about a tree and Christmas shopping.  I have purchased a couple of things on Etsy already for gifts.

Have you started making your Christmas gift and to-do lists?

Thrifty Finds – Sept 9

Owl Wall Hangings

It was the annual city-wide garage sale weekend, so my Mom came to Bismarck. We hit a total of 117 garage sales this past Thursday and Friday.  I didn’t get to go on Saturday, but don’t feel too sorry for me.  My husband got tickets to the NDSU football game in Fargo.  They were the Division 1A Champions for the past two years in a row, and they beat Kansas State last weekend. It was a fun time to go even if they beat their opponents 52 to 10.

The owl wall hangings weren’t expensive.  I think owls are still popular.  Not sure.  But they are a cute 70s look, so had to pick them up.

Turkey Planter a

I was able to sell my three pink planters recently.  So when I found this at the bottom of a box, I figured it might sell this fall for Thanksgiving décor.  It is a Replo turkey planter.  I really love the colors. I think he might have to sit out until he is sold.

Pink Pig Planter

Since I am talking about planters, look at this Pink Pig Planter.  It was in a free box at a sale.  I don’t think he is McCoy.  I will try to research him a little more.

Cat Mug

It is looking like an animal theme here.  I purchased this Waechtersbach West Germany cat mug.  I thought it might be valuable.  Probably won’t bring too much, but it sure is cute.

Brass Deer

Since I sold my brass pigs, I have kept an eye out for other brass.  These deer seem perfect for Christmas time décor.

Brass Bells

Along with those deer, I found these brass bells.  I love the sound of brass bells.  I think I will sell these as a set, but haven’t decided.  Do you think they will sell better together or separately?

Yellow Enamel Pot

I like enamel items.  I sold a yellow enamel pot some time ago, so when I saw this one in such great condition I had to snatch it up.

Telephone Tester

Finally for today is this blue telephone tester.  My Mom thought it was cool.  I guess my Dad had one.  Living out in a rural area, he was the one that would test if neighbors telephone lines were working or not.  They were party lines back then.  Pretty cool fact about my Dad.

Did you find anything fun this weekend?

Rush of Remembering – Weather House

Weather House Toggili

One item I found recently is this Toggili West German Weather House.  I was immediately transported back to my maternal Grandmother’s house.  She had something very similar in her bookcase in the living room.  It is supposed to demonstrate wet or dry weather depending on which person is outside of the house. I don’t know if it still works, but I didn’t care.  I spent many hours at my Grandmother’s house.  When my parents would go to town to do errands, many times they would drop us off at our Grandma’s for her to watch us.

This totally brought a smile to my face and made me feel 10 years old again.

What has taken you back to your childhood lately?


Thrifty Finds – May 31

Desk Lamp

Thought I would share a few random items I picked up lately.  This old desk lamp has such beautiful character.  I especially love the base.  It needs to be cleaned up a little, but I see potential.

Egg Crate

These two pieces came together.  Not sure I really like the egg crate painted this color blue, but there is something about the lines of an egg crate that draw my eyes immediately to it.  Couldn’t leave it behind.  Now trying to decide if I should paint it a different color or sell it as it is.

Jesus Picture

I met an elderly lady who was selling all of her possessions. She was going to be moving into an assisted living place.  She was such a sweetie.  I spent some time chatting with her.  It was hard for her to sell her treasures, but she felt better about it because her grandson was buying her home that she lived in for 55 years.  I just wanted to hug her.  I purchased this lighted picture of Jesus on the Cross.  My Grandma had something similar sitting on her bookcase.  I remember sitting there and looking at it. When I would moved slightly I would see this…

Jesus Picture b

The Resurrection. I don’t know what this type of picture is called.  Depending on the angle you can see a different picture.  I loved it on my Grandma’s bookcase.  I am sure I will keep it for a while just to remember Grandma Lena.  Many times when my parents would go to town, they would drop us off at Grandma and Grandpa’s to stay with them while my parent’s got their errands done.  Most of the time my Ukrainian Grandma would make us borscht soup for lunch.  I didn’t like it at the time because she added lima beans.  Oh, but I would give anything to sit in front of that bookcase looking at this picture and eating borscht soup one more time.  And I do love borscht soup now, just not with lima beans in it.

Smith Corona Typewriter

Found another older typewriter.  Probably should have passed on this one.  It is quite dirty.  Hope I can get it cleaned up.

Kraft Shortening Tin a

As you may have figured out, I love old containers, boxes, baskets, or tins.  Love this bright red shortening can.

Eagle Tie b

Finally I picked up this patriotic men’s necktie that I listed on Ebay.  With the 4th of July coming up before we know it, I thought it might sell well.

Are you finding anything new and exciting on your wish list?


Thrifty Finds – May 24

Crocheted Yo yo Doll a

I really enjoy finding larger items.  Yes, they are harder to ship because I have to find larger boxes and more packing materials, but I have found I like to deal with the larger items more than the smalls. Shipping no longer intimidates me. You may have noticed many of my items that I posst are larger — typewriters, globes, and luggage pieces.  Today I thought I would show you a couple of my smaller items I purchased recently.

This doll is called a yo-yo doll.  They were popular in the 60s and 70s.  The lady I bought it from was adorable.  She was so proud of this doll.  She said she made it in the 70s.  She was getting rid of her stuff, and no one wanted it.  I think she was happy that someone did want it.  My Mom crochets.  I don’t she ever made one of these dolls, but I could see her doing it.  I love the multicolored pieces of the body.  Oh and the face of this doll, so cute.

Brass Pigs a

I admit this was one of the purchases I am not really sure why I bought. This is brass pig family.  I am so not into pigs.  Did I tell you that my family had pigs when I was really little.  I remember shucking corn for them.  I was probably 5 when my Dad got rid of them.  Yeah, they stunk.

Mickey Mouse Peekaboo a

I am not a Mickey Mouse collector.  One sale I stopped at had two large tables of Mickey Mouse stuff she collected in the 70s and 80s.  The only thing I bought was this little Mickey Mouse musical wind-up toy that plays Brahms Lullaby.  I love that lullaby.  Her prices were reasonable, so someone who loves Mickey was a happy person when they found her sale.

Mickey Mouse Glasses 2000 a

These McDonald’s Mickey Mouse Millenium glasses were at another sale.  They looked brand new.

Mickey Cake Pan

Ok I just said I wasn’t into Mickey, but here is my third Mickey item. This cake pan was in an auction box I won for another item.  I was looking on Ebay and cake pans sell well. I will clean this one up and list it there.

Horseshoe man

I also like to buy unusual items.  The woman said her husband made this horseshoe man.  Living near the Badlands and Roughrider Country, I can bet he did. It would look great in a man cave.

So do you buy small or large items?  Breakable and not breakable?  Or whatever strikes your fancy?

Rush of Remembering – Mr. Men Books


Totally Vintage has these 15 Mr. Men Books for sale.   Oh my, I had forgotten these books, but I loved them when I was little.  I loved the drawings.  Just simple shapes made into characters.  Maybe it is because I never learned to draw anything more complicated than basic shapes.

I have never come across these gems in my treasure hunts.  I want one just to read it one.  I specifically remember Mr. Noisy.

Did you ever read them?

Thrifty Finds – May 20

Gold Plated Magazine Rack a

I went out to 8 garage sales on Thursday morning and had a little bit of luck.  I didn’t go out Friday, just too much to do around here.  Then I had to go to Dickinson on Saturday.  Mom and I found a little time to get to an auction for 30 minutes, but not a lot that I wanted.

However, this magazine rack was thrown in with something else that I wanted.  I was pleased because my gold magazine racks have sold well.

Green Train Case a

I picked up this green train case at a garage sale.  Not sure if a green one will sell.  I have sold other colors. This one screams 1980s to me, yet I think it is older than that.  Guess I will find out if it sells or not.  I think the make great storage boxes for toys, makeup, jewelry and craft items.

Crams Imperial World Globe a

I found another Cram Imperial World Globe that was reasonably priced.  I really love the beige with a blue/green color and nothing else.  Set in a gold base, I think this one is stunning.  It is pre 1989 since it still has the Soviet Union on it.

Homco Transporation Wall Hangings a

One of my early listing back in 2011 when I started my Etsy shop was the bicycle built for 2 from Homco.  It sold pretty quickly, so when I saw this trio, called Time Traveler’s, I just had to pick them up.  I think they would look amazing in a boy’s room that had vintage transportation in it.

Ingento Paper Cutter a

I usually wiling to sell most anything I find, but this strong guy was hard for me to list.  I bought it at a garage sale where proceeds were going for Relay for Life cancer benefit.  I have always had a fascination with old guillotine paper cutters.  I don’t know how old this is.  I remember being a teacher’s aide when I was in high school.  I would help grade school teacher’s out with paperwork during my study hall. I remember cutting lots of paper with one of these bad boys.  I attended a small school so all 12 grades were in one school building.  I graduating in a class of 27. At first I thought I would keep the cutter, but no, someone else can enjoy it.  This is one item I will buy any time I see it.


Finally, here is a little Fisher Price riding toy.  It is a little faded but that just tells me it was used and loved.  I didn’t use this.  I think this was after my time as a little girl.  I just love how slender it is.  It seems like most riding toys now are so bulky.  Maybe just a little safer, but so rounded that they almost seem bigger than the toddler.

Did you own any of these items?

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Rush of Remembering – Dog Pillow

Dog Pillow

This week you get two Rushes of Remembering.  Here is another item I purchased for $.25 because of the memories.  This is a dog pillow.  Animal shaped pillows were popular in the 1970s.  We had three shaped pillows on our couch.  We did not have this exact one, but it was a dog pillow.  My favorite memory was when my Mom and Dad went out on a Saturday evening, we had babysitter, Jeri, who could sing but, we also played games.  She would tie a cloth around our eyes and spin us around.  With a large black button in hand we had to see if we could get the button on the nose of the dog pillow.  I thought it was so much fun.  Who says you can’t have a blast with a strip of fabric, a button and a pillow?

Do you have any favorite memories from when you had a babysitter?