Charity Auction Quilts

Pinwheel Quilt

Last evening Catholic Charities of North Dakota held a Baskets and Bows Auction and Silent Auction to raise money for their many programs they provide for the public.There adoption, pregnancy and counseling services are phenomenal. We support this charity when we can, and our calendars were clear.

I knew they had several quilts for auction.  I wasn’t able to win the Up North Quilt that had a woodsy feel, but I was lucky enough to win 3 quilted items in the silent auction..  The beautiful pinwheel quilt above is gorgeous.  It is in shades of navy blue and gold and is about 63″ by 80″. I think it will be a favorite of mine for a long time to come.

Winter Table RunnerThis Winter Runner is about 38″ x 12″ so it can be used on the table or a side table.  Love that it is double-sided so I can use it on whichever side strikes my mood. Probably will be on the snowman side more since I decorate with many snowman in my house.  Why?  Not sure since I really don’t like snow and cold.

Changing Seasons Quilt

Finally I came home with this Asian inspired Changing Season Quilt.  It is more of a wall hanging.  I plan to hang it on the wall somewhere this spring if I can find a place.  Love, love, love, the colors.

If you ever have a chance to go to a charity fund-raiser, check out the handmade quilts.  You may be able to get some well-made quilts at a great price while helping a worthwhile charity.  Just don’t bid against me.


Thrifty Finds, Dec 19

Thrifting in this part of the country really slows down as the weather gets cold. No auctions or garage sales which is where I find most of my items.  I have hit a thrift store or two each week, but that is just not where I find my interesting pieces most of the time.  So today I am showing a few more items I found in boxes as I am organizing my holding area.

I thought this chicken waterer was so fun.  I grew up on a farm with chickens.  We had larger ones because we had quite a few chickens.  This one is made of a tin base and a coffee jar.  I have had this one listed in my Shop.

I love the look of old toasters.  I sold the one I had at my fall garage sale so when I found one in a box lot, I was happy.

I thought this meat tenderizer was so cool. It is old but never was used.  The red handle is so fun, and so are the graphics on the paper.

I really thought this chair is so cute.  It is a child’s chair.  I know turquoise is popular, but changing out the seat cover would make it so fun.  I have this at Traveling Trunk.

I loved the color of this sugar and creamer set.  Yesterday I just heard what color Pantone has selected as the color for 2012, Tangerine Tango

Hmmm, pretty close.  I knew that the color would be a peach/orange color.  Turquoise was the color of the year two years ago.  About 25 years ago the color was also turquoise and then a couple of years later it was peach.  (I know because my bridesmaid dresses were peach in 1990.) Trends are always repeating themselves.  This year my nieces bridesmaid dresses were Turquoise, so I had a feeling.  So yes, Tangerine is suppose to be the “in” color.  What do you think?  Do you like Tangerine?

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Thrifty Finds – Nov 28

Here are a few more items I have found recently.  The above Railroad Lantern is an awesome find.  I just had to have this.  I am trying to figure out how to display it during the Christmas season.  The red and green colors are perfect holiday colors.  It may just go above my cabinets.  Still not sure.

As I have been thrifting, I have noticed that I have a thing for old tins and aluminums.  Must be why I really enjoy my Aluminum Hot Water Pots.  This was in an All To Go box from an auction.  I love the patina and look of it.

This is my first piece that is from Occupied Japan.  I just never come across items that are from that period of our history.  I am not sure if it is the duck itself or all the stories this little piece represents that makes me enjoy it so much.

This is one of my most recent favorite seasonal items.  This 4 piece snack set has gorgeous evergreens on them.  Festive.

Do you collect Occupied Japan pieces, snack sets, or tins?

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Me and My Shadow

Thrifty Finds – Nov 22

I was so thrilled to find this plastic coke bottle carrier.  It is so dirty.  However, once it is cleaned up, I am sure it will make a great flatware carrier or a craft brushes holder.  It could stay in its lovely vintage Coke look or it could be painted.  So many options.

These salt and pepper shakers are made by Hall.  I liked their shape.  They have a MOD shape when you don’t see the handles.

These are insulated Melamine cups with a bowl thrown in as well.  I like the colors.  They would be perfect for an Easter picnic. What?  I know it isn’t even Thanksgiving, much less Christmas yet.  I do love the fall Holiday season, but my favorite season is spring with the days growing longer and warmer.  We only have 1 month left, and the days will start growing longer.  Yeah.

Finally, I found another scale.  I have shown you the three others I found in September, A Tale of Scales.  This one I like simply because the face is mostly worn off.  The blue is a pretty bright blue that is rusted.  Just can’t pass up a great scale if it is priced right.  This one was only $2.50.

So are you still finding some great treasures?

There are no auction sales scheduled for the remainder of the year.  Most of my junkin’ will be at thrift stores, so not as many items.  I am still organizing all my stuff as well.   Finding things I have never shown.

I probably will be blogging a little less in December.  But, if you want to keep up with my thrifting, please feel free to subscribe to my blog through any RSS Reader.  Or you can click on the links on the right, RSS Feeds or by email. Thanks for reading my blog.  I want to continue to make it something you have fun reading.

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Would You Buy It Wednesday – Nov 16

As I was loading this photo for my blog post, the thought, “What was I thinking” crossed my mind. 

I was at an auction sale for a couple of hours this past weekend.  I was a hunting widow on Saturday, and my son had an event at our church.  So after I cleaned my bathroom, I ran to the auction sale. 

Recently on Etsy’s blog I read that the Industrial Theme is hot right now.  So when these came up for auction, my bid card went up.  No one else bid.  I was excited.  But now I look at them and realize they need a lot of tender loving care to clean them up and make sure they are in great shape.

So would you have bought them?

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Vintage Finds – Nov 14

I have several fantastic items to show you this week.  This steel crate was something I got a couple of weeks ago, and I forgot to show you.  Not sure how I omitted this one; it is probably one of my most recent favorite finds.  It is sturdy and has a wonderful patina.  It isn’t a typical square milk crate but a rectangle shaped.  File folders fit in it perfectly.  I just got this one listed in my Shop, so I just had to show it to you.

This pretty Pyrex divided casserole dish with its holder is so cheery.  I believe it is called Constellation.

This is a Corning Mod Tea Kettle. Even though I am not typically into the mod look (I am more into the rustic, shabby, metal or wood look), I absolutely love the look of this one.  It is in excellent shape.

I am starting to learn a little about Princess House Crystal.  It’s another thing I am not typically drawn to, but this little candle holder is so heavy.  It just seems to sparkle.

This one was hard to take a photo of.  It is an old, glass light fixture. The pattern is so pretty.  I have been trying to decide if I could us it for a bowl or something else. If I can’t figure out an idea to use it for, I probably will sell it.  I will enjoy the elegance for a while though.

So did you find some great treasures this past week?  I would love to hear about them.

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Would You Buy It Wednesday, Nov 9

Now that picking is slowing down while the weather gets colder, my goal is to get my treasures organized.  If any body has any suggestions as to how to keep track of and organize your thrifted finds, please leave me a comment.

So I started looking through some of the things I had purchased earlier this year.  I found these typewriters in a corner.  I had wanted to purchase one for my den at an auction sale.  However, by the time they came to these Smith Coronas, the day was getting long.  The auctioneer made 4 huge piles to be sold all to go.   Now I did not want all the other stuff, 8 boxes of stuff that were piled with these two, heck I didn’t even want two typewriters.  Would you have purchased them?  What if I told you that the pile went for $5?  Would you have bought them then?

Would You Buy It Wednesday, Nov 2

I have so enjoyed hooking up to Junker Newbie’s What Would You Do Wednesday link party, but she has been so busy that she hasn’t had time to host the party lately. That is ok.  I understand a busy and crazy life.  Don’t we all?

However, I still have something I want to show…these wonderful stove parts.  They are filthy and need some work, but when I saw them, I just knew I had to get them.  I am still not sure what I will do with the top part, but the base in this photo, I want to clean up and figure out how to use as a wall hanging.  The patina on this thing is so cool.

So would you have purchased these stove parts?

Would You Buy It Wednesday?

I am not sure why I bought this desk lamp.  I was at an auction sale this weekend.  When no one was bidding on it, my hand just raised on its own.  It is filthy, and it has tape on it.  But there is something about it.  I guess I like the industrial look of it.  It really is a lamp.  See.

Can you see the fluorescent light bulbs? It does work.  My kids said it looks more space alien than lamp.  It was made by MoBright Inc.  I do now know anything about them.

So I am wondering would have bought it?  What if I told you I got it for $1?

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Wondering How Much Longer I Will Be Finding These Goodies

This past weekend was windy, no sun (it only peeked out a little finally Monday afternoon), and cold.  I am not sure either day hit 60 degrees.  I know my auction sale and garage sale days are numbered.  My boys hit open pheasant hunting weekend, so my Mom and I hit a couple of garage sales and an auction sale on Saturday.  The auction sales around here are estate auctions held outside the homes of those either who have passed or have moved to a retirement center.  So to keep warm I wore long johns with a long sleeve shirt, two sweatshirts and a winter coat.  Yep, a little crazy.  

The first photo is of some tobacco tins I came across at garage sale.  I do not smoke and am actually allergic to it so it bothers me.  However, I love the old graphics on these cans.

I loved the shape of this old alarm clock.  However it doesn’t work, so I will probably take it apart to use the face for a craft.

I saw this 8×8 cake pan at a garage sale. I had never seen this pattern on an Anchor Hocking Fire King dish before.  It is called Heritage, I believe.  It actually makes me think of Christmas.  Can we really only have 10 weeks before Christmas?  Say it isn’t so. 

This little teapot is from Japan.  I like the intricate design.  I had bid on a box with it in and didn’t win.  I saw that the woman who won the box picked up a different item and never even looked at her teapot.  Later as she walked by me I asked her if she bought the box for the teapot.  She didn’t even seem to realize that it was in her box.  She said that she didn’t want it.  If I wanted it I could have it for a dollar.  Yep, snatched out a dollar from my pocket as quick as I could.

I was able to win this Montgomery Wards Treadle Sewing Machine. It still works even though the belt is wearing thin.  It isn’t very ornate. I actually like the simplicity of it.  Makes me reflect on the hard times that those that homesteaded in North Dakota had to go through.

The final item is this chair, or at least I think it is a chair.  As my Mom and I were walking up to a garage sale, I saw it and walked over to it.  The lady saw me and said, “take it home for $.25.”  What, $.25?  I asked her what it was, and she said she thought it was an entry or mudroom chair.  The top tray is for putting your keys and change on it.  Then you use the seat to sit on while putting on your shoes.  However, why is the seat so low?  You can’t tell, but the seat is only about 6 inches off the ground.  Would you have bought it?

I haven’t decided if I am going to sell it as is or if I am going to spray paint the gold and recover the chair.  I haven’t been very successful in reselling my upcycled or redone items locally, and I still haven’t figured out how to ship a large item?

If you have sold and shipped a large item, how did you do it?  My biggest issue is where to get a large enough box or do the shipping companies box it for you?  Any advice would be appreciated.

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