This Broke My Heart


A woman in Canada is desperately seeking a family for her daughters.  She set up a website to beg for someone to help her.  The father, apparently is out of the picture, and she is in a long-term care facility for multiple sclerosis and other physical ailments. She can not take care of them.

My heart just broke for this woman.  I can’t imagine not being able to take care of myself, much less my two boys. I am blessed…I have my health. But what would I do?  First, I have an amazing husband who would never abandon his boys.  Second, I have a fantastic family who I know would help or take my boys in, so I know I would not be in this situation.  For that I know I am so dearly blessed.

I admire this woman.  She is doing what she can to make sure her daughters are taken care of.  That is sacrificial love. She is willing to sacrifice her time with her daughters to ensure their physical and mental health.  Wow, that is being a Mom.

I live in the USA, so I can’t help, but I would if I lived near there.  It appears that many people have expressed interest in helping.  I have found that if people know of others needs, they are usually more than willing to help.  People are good and generous, and I am hopeful for these girls.  However, I will keep praying for this woman…she will continue to need them.

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