Brussels Sprouts Anyone?

Brussel Sprouts


In my quest to eat more vegetables I decided to try brussels sprouts.  I have never eaten them before, so off to Pinterest I went to find a good, healthy recipe.

Tonight I made Cranberry Orange Roasted Brussels Sprouts from Two Peas & Their Pod.  The above photos is what they looked like when I put them in the oven.

I did make one change…I used Truvia instead of honey.  I was pleasantly surprised.  My first try with brussels sprouts was yummy.  No, they weren’t my favorite vegetable, but I liked them.  However, no one else in the family really liked them.  So I am wondering…anyone have a good recipe for brussels sprouts?  Please leave me a link in the comments or send me an email with the recipe.  I have half a bag left, so I want to try a new recipe on Tuesday.  Once I find a good recipe, I am going to move on to eggplant, but for now it is brussels sprouts that I want to be able to incorporate into our dinners.

BTW, did you know it is brussels not brussel?  I didn’t realize there was an ‘S’ at the end.  Learned something new today.

2 thoughts on “Brussels Sprouts Anyone?

  1. I just finally tried them myself in the last 10 years, Karen, & like them boiled, or preferably steamed – al dente (still a tad chompy) is always best for me! That & asparagus. Pretty ‘yum’. ;o) I look forward to hearing about eggplant – I’ve had it once BT a friend of mine, but can’t plan on doing one myself, as of yet – but would like to try it again sometime ;o)

  2. I can’t image them boiled. I think I need to try them steamed. Maybe add a little butter when they are done for taste. 🙂 I actually like asparagus. My favorite with those is steamed and then put swiss cheese on them and bake for a few minutes till cheese is melted. Dawn, you are invited to come try eggplant if I ever try it. 🙂

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