Vintage Hat Score

Pink Hat aIn my last post I mentioned I had listed and sold a vintage men’s hat in the same day.  Let me tell you about the other hats that I have been listing.

Recently my sister saw an ad for 10 vintage hats on her local online sales sight. She called me to find out if it wanted them.  Of course I want them, like a child wants a cookie.  I have always enjoyed vintage hats, however, last summer I wasn’t finding any.  I was so thrilled that my “no hat” streak was over.

I am still working on listing those hats, but look at this fun pink hat.  I love the wide brim.  It would be a perfect Easter hat.

Netting Hat Blue bThis turban netting hat is funky with its sequence decals.  It is a light bluish purple, but I really have struggled getting the color right.  I am concerned that might cause a problem for selling it.

Green Feather Hat aSpeaking about funky.  Look at this velour green hat with orange and yellow feathers.  Oh the days of wearing feathers in the hats.  I love seeing those old photos.  I am willing to bet that feathers will make a come back some day.  After all if neon and stretch pants can come back, anything can.

Black Head Cover cI really don’t know what this type of hair band or hat is called.  However, this black velvet petal hat could be a fun, addition to a dress up event.

White Hat aThis off white puff hat would again make a great Easter hat.  It could use a dry cleaning.  I have stated that in the listing.  Do you ever list dirty items?  I do, but I really try hard to describe the flaws or stains and show photos.

Black Fedora Hat b

Finally there was a second men’s hat in the lot of hats.  This black fedora with Red Feather is so stylish. It says, look at this gentleman.  I really hope some nice man purchases it.

I still have a few more to list.  I am thrilled to have fresh vintage hats in my shop.  I have a few that I listed early last year that haven’t sold, but they are just waiting for the right person to find them.

Do you own or sell vintage hats?

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  1. Hi Karen:

    I’m a reporter working on a story about fun things sisters do when they get together for FAMILY CIRCLE. Would you be willing to talk to me about your scrapbooking tradition? sarah.s.mahoney(at) And if not, really enjoyed your blog!

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