Auction Sale in Winter

Pyrex Cinderella Bowls HorizonsThis past weekend I went to Dickinson to see Big M’s Mom as well as my Mom.  In this area there aren’t that many auctions in the winter because of the weather.  When I saw an auction going on that day, my Mom and I decided to go to the auction and visit there.  Perfect….I could spend time with my Mom and maybe get an item or two.

I was thrilled to get this complete set of Pyrex Cinderella bowls in the Horizons pattern.   It isn’t a pattern I see often.

Shoe Shine KitI like old wood items. This shoe shine box has such character.

Olive Stetson HatI picked up this olive colored Resistol cowboy hat with Stetson hatbox. I love Stetson hats. They are well made.  Not sure about the color, but I guess my son liked it.


Z came home from high school swim practice and tried it on.  Guess swim practice was really hard.

Now I just need to find time to get photos taken and items listed in my shop.

10 thoughts on “Auction Sale in Winter

  1. I LOVE my bowls like that! I didn’t know they were called Cinderella bowls. Now I like them even more. They are a special treasure to me because your mom gave them to me. I use them daily especially because I love to bake so much!

      • Neither of them are common where I live. I got my horizon from another pyrex collector who was down-sizing and got my friendships from the internet. I really don’t find any pyrex while thrifting anymore (or at least very very rarely). which is sad but at the same time I’m running our of space, so I’m not sure I can handle any more 🙂

      • Unfortunately most of the pyrex at thrift stores is dishwasher faded so good pyrex is hard to find. But fun when it does appear.

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