A Renewed Perspective

Mens Black Fedora

Ok, I admit it, I have been having one of those weeks.  The type of week where I was just blah, feeling yuck, just not myself.  Nothing was as joyful.  I was being petty about things that normally just slide right by me.  I hate when I get into that kind of funk, but a funk I was in.

This morning I woke to a sale of a men’s fedora hat.  It is going to the United Kingdom.  My customer left me this message, “- for my Dad who’s just starting radiotherapy and is going to lose his hair. This should be just the job!”

That statement just hit me.  What did I have to be in a funky mood about?  I am not facing a life threatening illness.  I am happily married and have two awesome boys.  Just get over it.

The fact that one of the items I have is going to someone to help them get through a tough time in their life simply makes me happy.  Every time I think of it, it makes me smile.

So goodbye funk, hello thankfulness.

Are you in a funk?  Find something to be grateful for in your life?  It will help.


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