Mickey Mouse Musical Toy


Mickey Mouse Peekaboo a

This spring I showed you about a Mickey Mouse Musical Wind-up Toy.  I listed it.  In October it sold to someone in the United Kingdom.  Recently I received this awesome feedback…

“I got this item within a week from USA to UK, so quick I couldn’t review it when I got it — impressive. Brilliant condition, too. This was a toy me and my sister shared, and it’s now something to share with my baby son and he loves it also. Carefully packaged — thank you.”

That made my day.  Someone purchased a toy that he remembered playing with as a child.  Now his child will also create memories with it. That is why I love to make items available, so they can go where they are supposed to be.

I was also pleased with his comments about my customer service.  I do ship 99% of my items within 24 hours, and many are the same day.  I do package my items carefully.  I use recycled boxes and packing materials, so they aren’t always the “prettiest”, but they are well wrapped, so they safely make it to their new owner.  Love that he recognized that I try hard to satisfy my customer.

I sent him a thank you message for his kind review and he responded.  One of the things he said was this, “I love the idea that you’re making people happy in a sustainable way.”  Yes, that is what I hope…to bring a little joy into a life.  Our joy doesn’t come from things, but things can help us remember or help us place our priorities in order.  Yes, life is good.

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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