Sunday Still Life – First Storm

3 pm Snow

For those of you that are enjoying beautiful fall weather, I thought I would show you a photo from Friday.  We had some of the storm that hit South Dakota make it up to North Dakota.  We didn’t get the 4 feet of snow like they did, but we had a storm, none the less.

We ended up getting 2.25″ of liquid.  The wind was 40 mph at times.  The good news is that the storm ended yesterday afternoon.  Today it was gorgeous outside (actually went to an outdoor sale where it was wonderful to stand outside in the warm sun.  Most of the snow has melted.  I sure wasn’t ready for snow and storms.  Hoping Mother Nature got it out of her system, and we can enjoy a couple more months of 50 to 60 degree weather.  Yeah, I am probably dreaming, but I can hope.

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