Thrifty Finds – Sept 9

Owl Wall Hangings

It was the annual city-wide garage sale weekend, so my Mom came to Bismarck. We hit a total of 117 garage sales this past Thursday and Friday.  I didn’t get to go on Saturday, but don’t feel too sorry for me.  My husband got tickets to the NDSU football game in Fargo.  They were the Division 1A Champions for the past two years in a row, and they beat Kansas State last weekend. It was a fun time to go even if they beat their opponents 52 to 10.

The owl wall hangings weren’t expensive.  I think owls are still popular.  Not sure.  But they are a cute 70s look, so had to pick them up.

Turkey Planter a

I was able to sell my three pink planters recently.  So when I found this at the bottom of a box, I figured it might sell this fall for Thanksgiving décor.  It is a Replo turkey planter.  I really love the colors. I think he might have to sit out until he is sold.

Pink Pig Planter

Since I am talking about planters, look at this Pink Pig Planter.  It was in a free box at a sale.  I don’t think he is McCoy.  I will try to research him a little more.

Cat Mug

It is looking like an animal theme here.  I purchased this Waechtersbach West Germany cat mug.  I thought it might be valuable.  Probably won’t bring too much, but it sure is cute.

Brass Deer

Since I sold my brass pigs, I have kept an eye out for other brass.  These deer seem perfect for Christmas time décor.

Brass Bells

Along with those deer, I found these brass bells.  I love the sound of brass bells.  I think I will sell these as a set, but haven’t decided.  Do you think they will sell better together or separately?

Yellow Enamel Pot

I like enamel items.  I sold a yellow enamel pot some time ago, so when I saw this one in such great condition I had to snatch it up.

Telephone Tester

Finally for today is this blue telephone tester.  My Mom thought it was cool.  I guess my Dad had one.  Living out in a rural area, he was the one that would test if neighbors telephone lines were working or not.  They were party lines back then.  Pretty cool fact about my Dad.

Did you find anything fun this weekend?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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