Up and Down Days


You know I love my It’s Still Life business.  Most days I really enjoy all of it.  I totally enjoy the shopping, like the customer contact, actually like the packing and shipping, and if I have the right light, I do like taking the photos.  However there are days that my piles of treasures become piles of crap.  Last Friday I had three not so great issues with customers.  I have also been so busy with activities this summer.  So lately I have been feeling like the ecard above. I find I just need to keep working through it, and the love comes back, but in the meantime I want to just junk everything.

Do you ever feel like this?

2 thoughts on “Up and Down Days

  1. Oh man can I relate to your post. I hit this wall and hard. Sometimes taking a break will do wonders. Enjoy your summer and your family. The junk will always be there…

    • Thanks Kristi, I think it is a normal course for what we do. Just hard working through it sometime. Hopefully you are able to enjoy your move and family.

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