Beets for Dinner

Yesterday I mentioned I picked beets to go with my evening meal.  They were yummy.  They complimented the chicken, rice and salad (lettuce from our garden) very well.

Just in case you have never had beets before, all you have to do is wash them and peel them. Yes, you will get red hands, but it washes off easily.

I then slice them thin; place in a large microwave safe bowl and add just a little water so that they steam more than they boil.  The fresher and younger the beets are, the less time it takes.  I put mine on for 4 and a half minutes, stirred them and added another 2 minutes.  They were soft, but not mushy. Then I drained any remaining water and added a little butter, salt and pepper.  They were ready to eat, adding nutrition and color to a yummy meal.

4 thoughts on “Beets for Dinner

  1. I have some fresh beets on hand, I’m going to try your method of cooking – slicing and then microwaving, I’ve cooked them whole in the microwave before but they were cooked WAY too long and were so tough! Slicing sounds so better better……

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