Iced Rhubarb Tea

It’s May, so Iced Tea time must be starting.  One vegetable that grows well in spring here in North Dakota is Rhubarb.  I have four plants so when they grow, I need to start using it.  On Saturday I picked a plant and made Rhubarb Strawberry Sauce and Iced Rhubarb Tea.  It is so yummy.

Iced Rhubarb Tea

8-12 stalks rhubarb (cut into 3 inch pieces)

3 tea bags  (any flavor) (I have added up to 5 when I want a stronger tea taste.)

3 quarts water

¾ c honey or to taste.  Can use ¾ cup sugar

Place rhubarb in 3 quarts water.  Bring to a a boil.  Boil on low for 30 minutes until rhubarb is soft and mushy.  Place tea bags in water the last 6 minutes.  Strain. Place into 2 quart pitcher.  Add honey or sugar while hot. Chill.  Serve over ice.

The best part is that the flavor changes with the type of tea bags you add.  This time I had a strawberry kiwi tea flavor.  I have tried all types of flavors in the past.  Go ahead and experiment.


So this morning when I got up it was in the 30s and a little chilly in the house, so I had me some Hot Rhubarb Tea.  It was just as yummy as iced.  This recipe is definitely a keeper.

What do you do with rhubarb?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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