Thrifty Finds – Nov 28

Here are a few more items I have found recently.  The above Railroad Lantern is an awesome find.  I just had to have this.  I am trying to figure out how to display it during the Christmas season.  The red and green colors are perfect holiday colors.  It may just go above my cabinets.  Still not sure.

As I have been thrifting, I have noticed that I have a thing for old tins and aluminums.  Must be why I really enjoy my Aluminum Hot Water Pots.  This was in an All To Go box from an auction.  I love the patina and look of it.

This is my first piece that is from Occupied Japan.  I just never come across items that are from that period of our history.  I am not sure if it is the duck itself or all the stories this little piece represents that makes me enjoy it so much.

This is one of my most recent favorite seasonal items.  This 4 piece snack set has gorgeous evergreens on them.  Festive.

Do you collect Occupied Japan pieces, snack sets, or tins?

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12 thoughts on “Thrifty Finds – Nov 28

  1. The lantern is the perfect decoration for the holiday season. I hope you show us a photo of where and how you used it this holiday season. The snack plates are beautiful. I have a milk glass set in my basement all boxed up. I think perhaps I will take it out for the holidays. Thanks for the inspiration.❤

  2. I love that railways lantern!! Perfect decoration for Christmas I agree. I always fall for tins, boxes, basins….but in France I’ve never stumbled across pieces from occupied Japan, we find some beads from occupied Germany though. I love these cute little tea cups 😀

    • Andrea, My understanding is that it was common for bakeries to have pie tins with their names on them. I do not know if Wesson Oil had bakeries at one time or not. I would love to find out. I read in a book called, Found, Free and Flee by Tereasa Sarratt that bakeries had a ten-cent deposit on a tin so that customers would have an incentive to return the tin to the bakery. This was when we weren’t such a throw away society.


  3. You did have some great find, that light will definitely fit in with the holidays, very unusual. Love the colors. Love the pie tin, I’ve seen people hang them on their kitchen walls. I read that companies used them for their advertising means. Thanks for sharing at Sunday’s Best. We loved seeing you creative idea.

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