Collection – Aluminum Hot Water Pots

Molly at Vintage Velda is holding her second collectible link party.  I didn’t get around to posting about a collection last month so here is mine for this month.

Here is my collection of 3 aluminum hot water pots.  All of them are from Wear Ever. They all have black char on the bottoms, indicating that they were used over an open fire. They are on my top shelf in my kitchen display cabinet for right now.

My collection started earlier this year with this pot I acquired at an auction sale.  It is a coffee pot and has the innards, but it isn’t in good shape.  I just loved the handle shape.  It has a patent of 1902, but I do not know how old it really is.

The next one was this little guy that was in a box of all to go at another auction sale.  It is a teapot.  I love the shape, as well as the handle.

The final one was this one. It is a big sister of the other teapot.  The inside is so filled with water deposits, but again, I just love the look.

Nope, I do not use these beauties, they are just for looks.  I am a tea drinker, so what I use is this newer beauty that my friend, Julie gave me a couple of years ago. Yes, I love vintage items, but I do love new, beauties as well.

So what do you collect?  Bog about it and link up to the party.

Linking up to Vintage Velda Collectibles and From My Front Porch To Yours

2 thoughts on “Collection – Aluminum Hot Water Pots

  1. Great collection of vintage aluminium! There is something about its patina and the graceful but useful forms that is very appealing. I have a french fry cutter that looks like yours; is yours marked ‘Villa’?

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