Letting Go of Treasures?

A few weeks ago I was reading a blog post on Recycle-ista, Adventures in Thrifting about what type of thrifter she was.  I really didn’t know what I was, so I have been thinking about it on and off for a while.

Recycle-ista considers herself a Hoarder-Gloater.  Check out her post on Hoarder-Gloater or Churn and Burn

Hoarder does not seem to fit me, because if I purchase something to resell, I really do not have a hard time letting it go. However, if you saw my downstairs storage area, you would probably call me a hoarder since it is total mess.  I do enjoy blogging about my finds, so does that make me a Gloater?  I am not a Churn and Burn thrifter either since this is not something I do full-time.  My family and homeschooling come first.  This is more of a hobby to me, so I do not push myself to list the items I plan to sell. 

So I guess I want to define a new kind of thifter, a Turtle Churner.  Yep, that is me.  I like to move my treasures, mostly because I want others who will even enjoy them more, to have an opportunity to buy them.  I do it at a slow pace.  I enjoy my treasures.  I am not in a hurry. 

Now I just need to figure out a system of organizing and storing my treasures while slow and steady wins the race.  I will not let this hobby,obsession take over my house. What kind of thrifter or picker are you?


3 thoughts on “Letting Go of Treasures?

  1. What a fun post, Karen! I’m going to have to ponder what kind of thrifter I am. I just got home from Amvets and spent $18. One of my purchases was a Chicos top for me so I figure everything I got was basically free since I’d have paid way more than $3.98 for the one shirt. Oh, how we rationalize our hobby/obsession! I just added you to my circle on Etsy. And thanks for popping into Cottage and Creek for a visit.
    Lynn 🙂

  2. you’re so funny – I love that new term Turtle Churner. I don’t honestly go to the thrift shop very often and want to go more. I only have Saturday and just about everthing else takes priority, then I’m out of time. Repeat one week later. I like to look for dishes and silver plated flatware. Thank you for visiting me and leaving such a thoughtfully kind comment. I’m really glad to meet you and your blog! -Diane

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