Would You Buy It Wednesday?

I am not sure why I bought this desk lamp.  I was at an auction sale this weekend.  When no one was bidding on it, my hand just raised on its own.  It is filthy, and it has tape on it.  But there is something about it.  I guess I like the industrial look of it.  It really is a lamp.  See.

Can you see the fluorescent light bulbs? It does work.  My kids said it looks more space alien than lamp.  It was made by MoBright Inc.  I do now know anything about them.

So I am wondering would have bought it?  What if I told you I got it for $1?

Linking up to Junker Newbie Would You Buy It Wednesday.

7 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday?

  1. Yes I would have bought it but I would rewire it before using it. If it is really old and has the cloth insulation on the wires you are just asking for a fire. I know I just bought a vtg lamp and my hubby had to rewire it because of that.

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