Green Mood Monster

The other day I posted about the stories the military canteen from 1918 could tell. I had found the canteen as surprise in a box I won at auction. On a lighter note, how about this guy?  He is a Green Mood Monster Bank.  He was another one of my finds in a box at auction.  He is a wooden bank, and on each side a different emotion is shown.

I wonder about who owned this. Did he or she turn it every day?  Did they ignore it except when they put a coin in it?  Which emotion was the one they had facing them the most often?

One thing I know is that this person was named Thorp.  I wonder why he felt the need to write his name on the bottom of this little monster?

Today this little guy is showing this emotion….

Sad.  My husband’s uncle died this past week, and today we are headed to his funeral.  Yes, we celebrated this weekend with my niece and new nephew because life does go on.  However, today I am sad. Not only do we have to say goodbye to wonderful man, but my husband’s Dad died 11 years ago today as well.  So today is a sad day for us.

What emotion would you face forward today?

I love hearing your thoughts, please leave a comment.

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