The Stories This Could Tell

One of my favorite things about auctions is when I win the bid for an item, and I get a box or two with it.  My husband thinks I am crazy…why do I want to lug home extra boxes?  I love the element of surprise.  One never knows what will be in those boxes.  Most of the time, it is junk or at best, items that I donate to our local thrift stores.  However once in a while there is a wonderful surprise.  This canteen was one of those surprises.  As I was digging through a box recently I found this heavy metal item.  Upon inspection and cleaning I discovered a gem of an item.  It is an aluminum military canteen. 

It is dated 1918.  That means this canteen is almost 100 years old.  It probably was used by a soldier during World War I.  Oh the stories this canteen could probably tell…how this soldier had to eat in 30 seconds his rations for the day, or how a bullet just whizzed by, or how the last drops of water from this canteen refreshed a thirsty soldier.  Ok, maybe this canteen was used only in training camp, but it still could tell stories of the achy, tired soldier’s determination.  It really doesn’t matter how this canteen was used.  I just know that it must have been used by someone who was willing to sacrifice his life for his country. 

Thank you to all our military personnel, around the world, men and women, for enlisting and doing their duty no matter what.


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5 thoughts on “The Stories This Could Tell

  1. I LOVE this! As an army brat, I am drawn to all things military, especially things as old as that canteen! I’m with you…I wonder what tales it could tell!

  2. My boys would love it, as a matter of fact I’ve purchased one myself for them. We have an Antique Military Mall close by that we visit every so often and I enjoy listening to the old gentlemen that are sitting around reminiscing about their days in the military. Great find!

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