Vintage and Other Finds

It was another great weekend of garage and auction sales.  My Mom came on Thursday evening so we could spend a couple of days finding some bargains.  We had a great time.  Do you remember Raggedy Ann and Andy?  I found a great vintage wall hanging that is in great condition.  So cute for a kids room.

I was able to get a box plus a bucket of these heavy porcelain insulators.  I probably will do something with a couple of them and sell the rest.

Loved the color of this Wheaton glass bottle, and it has the stopper yet.

There is something about this bread tin that drew me in.  I am thinking the front would look amazing painted white.

My kitsch find of the weekend was this wall hanging on old barn wood.  It just made me laugh.

This was probably the deal of the day.  These toys were being sold so cheap, I couldn’t resist.  Also in the back is the first 28 books of Magic Tree House series.  My oldest has read this series at least 10 times each.  But keep in mind he is a speed reader.

Look at these amazing milk glass lamps.  They both work.  I think they would be fun with some funky shades.

I haven’t had time to clean these up, but I enjoy the look of amber glass.

My friend, Kristi, from the Traveling Trunk made it possible for me to be the new owner of this wire basket.  It has been spray painted copper, but I can see it being so useful as well as a cute display item.  (Thanks, Kristi, it was fun chatting with you on Sunday.)

And my final picture of my finds are these rulers. I have wanted a foldable ruler for a while now, but they are always priced really high or go for a high amount.  I probably spent more than I should have, but now I have not one, but two of them.

Yes, I found several other items, but that is it for now.  Did you have a good thrifting weekend?  Any favorites?

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4 thoughts on “Vintage and Other Finds

  1. I love the wire basket, amber glasses, and rulers. Such delicious vintage! I always have trouble resist Raggedy Ann and Andy bits. I love the colors and retro designs, even though the dolls scared me as a kid!

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