Vintage Door Knobs and Plates

Yesterday I showed you a photo of the vintage keys I found.  I love them.

Antique Door Plates

Then I found this photo of vintage door knobs.  I would love to get my hands on some of these.  I love the knobs/plates, but the photo is amazing too.  I found it on Flickr. It is done by Please, Sir.  You can click on the photo to go to her Flickr account.

Ok, I am now on the hunt for some vintage doorknobs and plates.  Do you have any of these vintage beauties?

7 thoughts on “Vintage Door Knobs and Plates

  1. Hi
    I couldn’t work out exactly where I should answer your question so I hope it’s ok to do it here…
    tip shops are little shops set up at rubbish dumps (or tips as we call them here) where stuff deemed too good to end up as land fill is sold very cheaply.
    Op-shops (short for opportunity shop) is the name we Aussies give to Thrift Stores…people in the UK call them Charity Shops (Chaz for short)…

    Thanks for reading my blog and I love your key collection btw x

      • Hello, I know where hundreds of them are for sale. The prices are 7.00 to 25.00 depending on the metal and style. I love them as well. Clearwater, Florida

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