Vintage Goodies

My son had his long course state swim meet this weekend.  It is a 3 day event.  He did well, even qualifying for Zones, a regional swim meet.  We are so proud of him.

However, I didn’t get a lot of time to go out to find any treasures.  I had a couple of hours before the meet this weekend, and I did find a couple of things.  I haven’t had time to clean them up or take photos so here are some items I found the past couple of weeks that I cleaned up during this week. Many of them I have consigned at Traveling Trunk in Mandan.

This vintage stool is wonderful.  Love the color, and it has just the right amount of rust. 

This wire crate with 12 milk bottles got my heart racing when I saw it at a garage sale.  The patina is amazing.

This small bingo cage with all the balls was adorable.  I love the touch of red on the handle and legs.

This hairbrush was in a box I got at an auction sale.  It is a wonderful old brush.  I doubt that it was used for practical purposes.  Probably was a display piece.

I really enjoy signs with wording in any type of font.  This would be so fun in a hallway where you don’t want shoes thrown about.

I have seen so many Pyrex bowls on blogs lately, so I was so thrilled to find this fun, white bowl with red birds on it.

This is my first Fire King piece.  The jadeite color is one of my favorite colors for dishes.  Thought it was so fun with the handle and spout.

Picked up a couple of grape wood crates that were in awesome condition.  I like the wording on the first and the “100” on the second one.

I have a thing for vintage keys.  Love the shape, the color, the rust, everything about them.  Not sure where I will put these in my home yet, but they definitely are staying with me.

So did you find any treasures this weekend?

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12 thoughts on “Vintage Goodies

  1. These are all amazing finds! I love the red stool. I have one, but it’s avocado green, and red is my favorite color! And, what a cool piece of Jadeite! Very nicely done!

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