Would You Buy It Wednesday

There is a relatively new blog, Junker Newbie.  Every Wednesday she posts an item she bought and asks if you would buy it.  Others can link up items that they wonder if others would have bought the item.  I have enjoyed following every Wednesday.  Most of the items I probably would have bought, but not all.  So this week I have an item that I found this past weekend.

It is a 1960’s pink speckled hairdresser trolley cart. The bottom tray can be raised or lowered. The trays are that heavy plastic of that time.  Normally I am not into pink but this piece just got to me.  I am not sure how I am going to use it…in my scrapbook room for scrapping tools or near my DIY table for repurposing tools.  I just thought it was a funky item.  So I bought it.  Would you have bought it? 

Linking up to Junker Newbie Would You Have Bought It?

14 thoughts on “Would You Buy It Wednesday

  1. Oh wow! Brilliant find! YES YES YES I would have purchased this and am thinking along the same lines you are…it would be fabulous for craft tools! LOVE!

  2. Yes, I would have bought it! Perfect for organizing and storage. You are going to get a lot of use of this piece!!

  3. What a great find my step mom is a hair dresser and I remember when she used those!! I would store lil trinkets for crafting

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  5. I’ve been looking for a tray like that for years. I used to have all my perfumes stored in it and covered in a towel then slid under my bed. Now I know why I cant find one since it’s from the 60’s.

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